Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waiyian 's lingerie bday party!

As I promised - LINGERIE POST!!!!
18SX AH! Don't say I never remind you, if you're UNDER 18, CLICK X!!!!

To make it clear, it was actually Waiyian's 22nd birthday party. She didn't want to celebrate at a club, so she made it else where with "lingerie" as her party theme.

I didn't know what to wear so I bought something normal :)
Nah, not gonna disappoint her by not following the theme; after all, its her b'day party!!

My new hairstyle!!!!!!!!
(I know I looked like some china prostitute in the picture above, ugly ones somemore)

Why the exact same wig, look so pretty on her but look so ugly on me T__T

Not sexy enough?

This one gao sexy gua... :p

The only picture of us both taken that night as the bday girl was TOOOOOO busy to entertain me any longer.

All the lingerie babes :)

Look at the amount of footwear could actually determine how many people is in the place already. -______-

What's a party without alcohol?
This picture was taken when it was almost towards the end of the party already.
(ALL of the pictures are stolen from Facebook as I didn't have my own camera by then)

Birthday girl blowing real hard. LOL

We don't drink liquors by cup, we go by BOWL.

We girls do what we girls do best :)
Yours truly and Cheryl - She look extremely sexy! Don't you think so?

With Shian Ru :)
Lovin' her corset!!

Spot the "cute + leng lui" photog!! *perasan-ness*

Finally the birthday chick is free to layan us, AGAIN! *snap

Okay then she left us again.
Nvm, we 3 continue... SNAP!*

Wooohoo, pretty babes ;)

The birthday girl and her lovely boyf ;)

Brother JC, shian ru & I

Okay ini Joshie very miang la, he took Cheryl's bow tie and put in on his own neck -____-

Tell you something suprising!
I was driving so yeah, I left the place around 12am somemore T___T
Yes I missed out a truck loads of fun BUT at least I know I'm turning into a goodie girl already HEHEHEHE *proud of self wtf*

Ending this post with a bunch of........ (you insert vocab LOL)
*this picture was taken after I left so I seriously have no idea why would they squeeze in one bed -__-*

That's all for today :)
Happy Malaysia Day everyone!!!!


p/s: ALL pictures credits to Cheryl and Angelyne.


Unknown said...

geez i visit wrong post...will b right back next time XD

Adele Chow said...

Jackie> Hahah why boss! Apa macam la you!! :P

Biopolymath said...

I wanna go to sleep now la, seeing those dress. at the right time i read this also.

kim said...

... Joshie cmi la!

Unknown said...

fuah, mayak panas o.. =DDDD

Adele Chow said...

Biopolymath> hahaha.. whats that suppose to mean? :P

Kim> hahahah!! YOU TELL HIM LA B7!!

Dylan> Nah, you like one mah this post!! :D