Friday, March 19, 2010

I miss....

I'll fake a smile, like how I do it best always.

The pain of my bandage on my hand can't even beat a single percent of the pain in my heart right now. I smiled, I always smiled. What's the point showing your emotions all the time?
No one cares, no one cares whether you are happy or not, so why bother showing?

As I continue typing, my tears started rolling down on my face.

I don't care what you say.
Sorry I couldn't continue, I promise I will edit this post by tonight.

[EDITED: 9.35pm]

Although I just came back from tons of places with tons of faces, nothing makes me feel better. I really need to express it all out! I don't give a damn if you are offended or not, I just need to let it out before it all explode! Sigh.

Things changed, people changed, your surrounding changed, even the environment changed.
They always say, True friends won't change nor leave you; those that left you, weren't the one you're suppose to rely on.

Is it true? Or whats?

I'm just too weak to adapt the changes that's happening around me?
These things are ridiculous?

Life is so complicated, we shouldn't bother so much - TRUE ENOUGH.
But the problem is, can you do it? Can you just leave it aside? Can you just forget those disturbing thoughts? Think about it, you can't; oh wells, at least, I know I can't.

I don't know what am I trying to conclude but these are the feelings that I really wanted to share with my readers; I would really love to know more opinions from these as I need a get away, like seriously.


A true friend won't ditch you for something else,
A true friend won't back stab you for no reason,
A true friend won't lie to you more than once,
A true friend won't fake a smile in front of you;


A true friend will be there for you no matter what,
A true friend will tell you the truth although its hurtful,
A true friend will always side you and support you through it all,
A true friend will chose to scold you instead of faking it all.
Where are you, my true friend?
I miss you, so, so badly. :(


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P/s: I promised I'll update more! Don't give up on me, kay? (:


babybunny said...

hi adele, i'm jz a random reader of yours. normally i dont leave comments but u r in a situation where I'm currently in now.

I've searching for true friends too but unfortunately when i tot i've found, it was just an illusion.

I'm so agreed with your statement, true friend will never back stab u. True friend will always be there to support u. Unfortunately, my so called true friends had not true friend at all.

My advice - be happy babe. you deserve it. ur true friend is waiting for u. is just that u'll have to be a lil bit patience. This is what i'm telling myself now. sharing with u hope it helps to make u feel a lil bit better.

stay strong ya! :)

Jasmine said...

Hey Adele, cheer up k? You will always have your family with you. Take care :)

Adele Chow said...

Baby bunny: Thanks for spending your precious time to drop by :)
Indeed it's really true :) God bless you! :) XOXO

jasmine: Aww, true enough! Thanks ya!