Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do you remember this girl named - Adele?

Spot my title of the post before continue reading this - 

Do you still remember who am I? Lol, why would I asked that?  Mhmm.. Because I know I've abandoned my blog for quite some times - which means don't care about you reader's feelings as you guys come here and see no updates!! :(  I'm seriously sorrry but well, I'll explain to you guys later.   (But I update my tweeter everyday one you still don't wanna follow me meh!)

Continue reading and you'll know.

Before I continue, let you see my face lah incase you guys really forget how I looked like!! =p

Its me with my tension hairstyle as this picture was taken during midterm if I wasn't mistaken!
(I know my hair damn dry, sigh)

So yeah, what's with me lately?  OHHH WAIT, let me wish this gorgeous nose-hole(inside joke) friend of mind a happpy belated bday first!! (fyi his bday was ytd -- WED, 17th of March)

HAPPY 20th BDAY LOW KIMCHUN aka my favourite 'nose hole' friend TEEEHEE.
(sound so gross IKNOWRIGHT, what a name!)

Okay, back to topic -  What's with me lately?
You guys must be thinking, 

"what the hell is wrong with Adele Chow woi? So long never update her blog?!"

OR if you followed me on Twitter or whats,

"Seriously she's damn LOA keep posting EMO post dont know what is wrong with her!"

Ohwells, yes 2010 hasn't been treating me well and March really hates me a lot.
I don't know how to put all these in words but seriously, life has not been good for me lately.
You guys should know I'm the kind that used to laugh the loudest, I can be like super happy go lucky type of 'samseng' girl and talk whatever I want especially lame jokes.  UHHH.

Sadly, I'm not like that recently.
Everything's just so not right.  

But I always tell myself, everything happens for a reason, as long as I know what am I doing, as long as I did and tried my best, I shall continue living my life with my best and no regrets =)

Sometimes, the least you expect - the more you will get; vice versa!

These are the bunch of people I basically met every day in college.
You have no idea how they put a wide big smile on my face everyday!
Without them, I couldn't have did anything(inside joke) TEEHEE.

Thanks guys, they call them the MCA groups (:
I know this is damn gross but seriously, I can't live without you guys, ILY! <3>


I helped Kenny in his charity thing weeks ago yes I will update the pictures soon okay!
That's Kin, Yin & Anna in the picture btw. (:

With Kenny in his GORGEOUS PURPLE TEE(because I buy one! haha) and Pin on the far right - and the loves, anna, steph & melisa (: 

Believe it or not, I have no life recently.
All I do is facebook, twitter, facebook, twitter, emo chinese songs, CLASS, ASSIGNMENTS, CLASS, ASSIGNMENTS and a lil lifeless yumcha sessions.  
My life's damn pathetic hor? What to do? 

But don't worry, I promise I'll get back my soul anytime soon!
Adele Chow is coming back yay! (okay sounds so poyo you can slap me now lol)

Oh, did I mention that I'm in iLab now? Bwahahas! 
I hate Mac! Sorry lah I ain't rich kids that can afford all these so yeah, I still prefer windows! 

Before I end this post, I shall tell you something happier to brighten up my this dull post!


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Its 11.40am right now so you have like 20mins more until the happy hour ends!
Do not fear, the next HAPPY HOUR is 1pm-4pm!!

Musics are always our best companions, like now I'm at iLab I cannot make noise :(
So I'll just blast the music bwahaha! 
Get your fav songs now @ Xpax big freekin' sales k!!! 

I shall see if I get my Akon - Troublemaker now its 11.50am d!
10 more mins left, k lah ciao!! 


melaniehwa said...

But I always tell myself, everything happens for a reason, as long as I know what am I doing, as long as I did and tried my best, I shall continue living my life with my best and no regrets =)

thats what i believe in too. stay strong babe. =) keep pressing on and one day you'll look back and see that this is nothing but a distant past. =)

Adele Chow said...

melanie> awww so true girl :) :)
thanks love!! :D
girls are strong! :D