Sunday, December 20, 2009

Small farewell for Samuel Young

As usual, before I start elaborating about this outing, there are a few things I wanna tell you all one!!

1) I'm going on a date tomorrow with HIM @ Pavilion, 7.3opm! (very gan jiong can!)
2) Penang was awesome w half of the daily dosage of love! Muahaha the food made me grow fatter again luh!

3) Kok Hoe's party was awe-to-the-some last night! Least expectation will always make things right :)

4) *SADNESS* my dad is leaving to ShangHai tomorrow w/o me! :'(
*HAPPINESS* I'm going to S'pore for some mad shopping spree this week, x!!


So, it was me that came out with this brilliant idea to have this small farewell for Sam since he is leaving to US and will only be back next year. (omg I just realized this is the very first time I blogged about him, feel very bad now yerrr)

We're the most awesome threesome evaaar!
(I realized I'm in love with purple nowadays woohoo)

We catch the movie JUMP together with these people at One Utama.

The 3 chicks,

and the 3 hunks!

They damn bad one take picture them self w/o me while I was lining up to buy the movie tickets for them!! PFFFTT!!!

The only picture to prove that we really went canton-i for lunch!

After lunch & movie, its dinner time!
Guess where we went?

ss2 Murni! I love their loh shu fun :)

Chacha joined us for dinner :)

Chacha, Weiwei, Fiona, myself & Chanmann.

I remember it was close to 11pm already, we were all planning to hit the sack soon as Sam had to complete his assignments! THEN SUDDENLY, I don't rmb who came out with this but then we just decided to drive up to Genting.
To me, Genting is just like another spot to chill instead of somewhere very far away from the house already like how we used to think Genting Theme Park is a place we have to plan properly before we go, macam vacation like that one lol.

I tell you, I very lonely one lor. Why le? You seee la.

Jason & Chanmann

Weiwei & Samuel

Tiger & Chacha

Fiona & Kenneth

You say I lonely or notttt!!!!!

But nvm, I still get to take picture with everyone :)

Fiona was my high school mates :)

She's my VVVVVVVVVVVIP in case you didn't know.

Yes we're random shit! Spot me spot me!!!

Actually the Couple #2 is fake one la, heh. We're the awesome threesome rmb?
Single rock socks!


ONE MORE THING before I end this blog post.
Actually the 1st statement I mentioned above saying im going on a date one hor... ... ... NO LA ITS NOT FAKE ONE!! Mhmm, just that.... LOL! Aiya I'll just show you his shuai picture okay!


See you @ Pavilion tomorrow if you're going to Jay Chou's The Treasure Hunter Showcase cause I'll be there with my fellow myJAYsian members! Spot us with our macho jerseys!!

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kim said...

couple your head, we 3some wan okayyy. B5 wo hen miss ni liao!!

Adele Chow said...

Kim: haha i said it was just a joke wert! :D :D loll i know you miss me :)

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Thought you are attached to HIm already? Enjoy the dating =)

EVo said...

ur poser shot looks like something from.......journey to the west lah. haha...!

Adele Chow said...

Tian Chad: bwahahah you so understanding one! :D :D haha!

EVO: what turff!! Journey to the west ahhh?? -____-