Thursday, December 17, 2009

107% exhausted!

My title says it all. T_T
I'm really sorry because I know my blog is dying, like literally dying.
No updates, or updates about jobs jobs jobs! D: SIGH!!
I really have a lot to blog about, but no time :( The whole Dec is like a working month to me. -____- College is starting in another month. I guess January will be the month where I rest & relax? (i dont know la)

I love this series of camho pictures taken in Sunway Villa using Tzia's g10! (it doesn't look like me hor?)

A few blog post I owe you guys! (and I promise it will be ALL up by next week, kay?)

1) Working experience @ PC Fair, Papago GPS booth

2) Samuel's small farewell @ One U then Genting w the bunch ;)

3) My bestie's boyfie aka Fred's party @ Sunway Villa Resort

4) Bell's bday bash @ Gita Bayu club house w the babes

I love this picture I dont know why :P

Rushing from one place to another to meet different bunch of people has already became my daily routine. Yes its tiring but I love meeting all my lovelies at once so yeah ;) Did I mentioned that I dyed my hair? Oh and I love it sooo much! Thanks Jerome & of cause bell :D

I know right, so many bday parties @ this month! It's Jason Teh's party night later not forgetting Kok Hoe's 18th bday this Saturday too! WOAHHH. So many birthday parties to attend! :O
I better get going now because imma have some shopping later! Ta!

To those who don't know what to include in a profile, read this!
Just your personal informations(name, age, number, height, weight.. etc), working experience, close up photo(no camho), half body & full body pictures. :)

Now, its time for me to have fun! Peace babehh!


conan_cat said...

first time dropping by, and wow, i'm feel honored to see a cute girl like ya in the blogosphere! :P

it'll be a real pity if you don't update more, so hey, blog often ya! :D

Adele Chow said...

conan: hey :) thanks for dropping by yeah. aww thats so sweet of u :)

Anonymous said...

where did you get your purple dress from?