Monday, December 14, 2009

Mitsubishi DAKAR RALLY @ Desa Park City (job)

Christmas is drawing near!! Have you bought your love ones Christmas gifts? ;)

Yes 2009 is coming to an end. I don't know why I always emo one when it comes to you know la, year end, flashing back all the memories throughout the whole year thingy. SIGH! Thought of writing a wordy post about my whole 2009 experience, well... later la kay?
Since I plan to do a few post today because sudah 4 hari tak blog! So yeah.


I helped Jian Nin with her Mitsubishi event last week @ Desa Park City.

Stephanie Gan was there too.

Part of the place.

It is a test drive session for drivers that registered for the new car(some four wheel drive if Im not mistaken), a very famous driver from Japan was there to drive the test drivers around the hill to show them the power of the car? lol.

Spot the 2 macho Mitsubishi cars please.

Nah this one geng la!

The driver lagi geng, he is the champion of Dakar Rally in Japan for few years already.

Okay, I type so long already but still haven't tell you all my job scoop hor? Very funny one, as I've mention in my previous post, I've been working a lots of events that are associated with kids I dont know why. Same goes to this.

We have balloons,

The place I'm working (kids corner lol)

and sand arts...
(which I hate the most! why? you have to peel the yellow sticker out for the kids & they get to pour the colour sand so syiok!)

See! They are having so much fun until the hair become blonde already!
(wtf I know tooo lame already -___- they are obviously ang moh's)

Some of the kids with their art work ;)

Who say kids can't camwhore? :D
The top left kid is acting cool can you see it?!
Oh & the last two pic below, they look like korean japanese kiddo!!

This one cute dou, only know how to laugh! LOL!!!!

Not forgetting the carpet was all wet when it was raining so heavily.
Like hello? It's just a tent okay.

Everyone have been asking me for jobs, how I get jobs and stuffs like that.

I've been working since the age of 15, and I worked for different kind of agents before hence the vacancies. IF.. I said IF you want to work too, you can send in your profile to me. No I'm not an agent but if I have your profile, I can forward them to my agents IF they need more people. Okay?

Cheers :)

P/S: I wanna watch Couple Retreats, Mulan! D:


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