Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Half day trip(?) to Kuala Selangor

Woke up early today & I realized another piece of cheque from Nuffnang had arrived! YAY!! I'm happy with the amount of money I earned by myself and I think its time for me to have fun instead of working non-stop already! (Although Im working tomorrow from 7pm-12am @ Bangsar Shopping mall as Usherer) :D


Anyway, the coursemates and I went down to Kuala Selangor for some good seafood last 2 weeks ;) Of cause, to look for Lim as well, teee heee. Before that, I was @ APT, Puchong helping Esther out being her make-up model.

I love the curls so much! Erm, the make-up is a bit to heavy for me... LOR.

Eliz picked me up from APT after I'm done with Esther, and we head home to Jo-vee's place for some fooooood. (lol) I really can't stand the heavy make up any longer so yeah, I removed it right away when we reached Jo-vee's place.

I still prefer my naked face look!

We left Puchong around 4pm if Im not mistaken, and we reached Kuala Selangor before 6pm! We've got some efficient driver huh... Lmao.

Lim directed us to his place, and here it goes again...

Meet Vee-Jack :)
Super adorable kid, awwwww!

Not to mention I ride a bike after 83657597606 years of not touching it.

The sunset view, sooooo pretty.

I love coconuts. How about you?

We came all the way from KL to Kuala Selangor just for these! No doubt, it was really a good meal! Thanks Lim for the treat as well :)

"Nai Yao" crab

Claypot vegetables with tau foo & mushrooms.

Fried sotong! (with mayonnaise damn nice can!)

"Nai Yao" (cereal?) prawn!

My favorite dish, tom yum fish -

I don't know what to named this dishes but its crab meat and its very very nice one!

Another round of crab but this is called "Kam Heong" crab.

Fatty is happy, no?
(I was HOLDING... er.. rice I think? LOL!)

baru habis menentang pihak lawan kot.

Bought some awesome fish cakes, grilled sotong & sour plums back for the family :)
I love food trips!!! I can't wait for Jogaya w/ my girls next week, S'pore on the 21th(I think?), Langkawi w/ the daily dosage of love, and maybe Kuantan w/ Jia Shin!?

Now, I need to go get myself a new wallet, a camera & a phone!!


EVo said...

Heyyy adele! quick, let me know ur next event. i'll go catch u there! hehe.

And gosh. that seafood looks good wei. im a sucker for seafood. argh.

Adele Chow said...

EVO: hahha I love foods too! :D My next event? lol why la? You should come PC fair righttttt