Monday, December 07, 2009

Merz Benz Roadshow (Santarina Job)

Before I start elaborating about this job, I would love to rant it all out to my readers about PC Fair last two days! Now my whole body are aching so badly omg! :( Shoulder, arms, backbone, legs, feet & toes! UGH!!! I should have just continue working as one of the Santarina @ One Utama lor!!! D:

I've been working for the last whole week. Different jobs @ different places with different people at a different environment. TIRING GILER! - Oh Its Monday today and I really need to rest my mind & soul lol lame. Okay continue talking about this job first.

I replaced Melisa as she had exams on the last Wed & Fri. That explains this job ;)
Nope not through any agency company nor events agent.

A very cute santarina costume which explains the cam-ho!

The Merz Benz Roadshow located @ One Utama New Wing ground floor.

and guess what are we suppose to do from 10am-10pm?

1) Look after the kids (omg I dont know why recently all my jobs all KIDS KIDS one wtf)

Got Mac summore wo.

2) Teach the kids how to play with the computer games (haha steph & yinling play got la)

3) Make pop-corns! :D (look at the caramel, corns & sugar oil)

fail dot com. BLACK COLOUR POP CORN (cause hangus already lol)

4) Distribute flyers ;)

and balloon and also pop-corns for free to the KIDS. (why caps the word kids because tons of adult keep coming back and take the free pop-corns -__-)

Santa was there on Wednesday to give out the Christmas presents to the orphanage children ;)

5) Last but not least, my main job is to CAM-HO! hahahah! :D

Photo taken by Derek Yap w/ his BB ;)

Deric came and visit me during my lunch break :P

Edwyn came when its time for dinner :D

along with my upsyndrome brother, Antonio *hehe

Bump into Steven, Ernest & Venice too!

Jason Voon, I know you how long d ah? HAHA!

Little Edwin, he is really one good looking guy now ;)
14 years old, still available! Har-har-har!

Thanks Shie for the Sticky sweet yea :D

Jessica, Jiashin, Myself & Kar Shie

Not forgetting Kevin that flew all the way back from.... Singapore! ;P

We cam-ho a lot, right?

What to do?

We love our outfits!

I love my bestie & I support her in everything she do ;)

Okay I'm frigging hungry right now bai bai :D
Mitsubishi and PC Fair updates soon, stay tuned!


Unknown said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS~! i want presents can?

HitoMi Ng said...

I like the outfit man!! is it yours or theirs??

Adele Chow said...

Dylan: hahah why dont you buy for me laaa :D

Hitomi: They provide one lol