Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hectic week

I'm sorry for my super late updates :(
You've no idea how hectic this week have been for me! Work work work & WORK!!!!
Blame no one, I chose it myself because when I got the cash, I'll fly!! :)

Its already 3.21pm right now & I'm still in my pyjamas although I'm working @ The Garden's later around 5.30pm!! I'll make this a quick one just to show you what am I up with this week.

1) Helped Esther in her APT make up thingy.
All I do was just sit sit & sit! I love it, es! Thanks!

2) Went to Kuala Selangor for these!
No la, its actually to look for Lim since we missed him so much! He spend us a really good meal, will blog about it soon!

3) I went to Pavilion.

...had a great bonding session with ze bestie, she need no introduction.

4) I worked for Mitsubishi. What I do was, playing sand arts with the kids? LOL

... My fav girl :)
will do a full post soon!

5) Yes I worked as a santarina @ One Utama new wing yesterday.
Not working today but yes tomorrow from 10am- 10pm! Come find me! Its just right beside Armani Exchange & Couch! :)

.. all we do is just stand, make pop corns & play with kids. (spot Jia Shin's eyes lol)

I promise I'll do a full post asap!
PC Fair this weekend @ KLCC. I'm working for GPS(dont know what name one lor) this Sat & Sun only.


I gtg already, loves!

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