Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kin's 18th bday @ Genting, Maxims

Before I start updating about Kin's birthday @ Genting, yes I wanna show you guys how do I look right now! (pfffft) Thanks for everyone's concern, I'm feeling better already because fever & throat infection no more; BUT cough & flu are getting worst. So yeah.... :'(


I slept so much until I can't continue sleeping already hence the camwhore! Lol..
(mata sudah cukup sepet lor...)

I'm a very violent girl, I bite :)

My lovely brother, Kin turned 18 on the 7th of Nov hence the celebration @ Genting.
According to his friends, they said he never had a birthday celebration before(?!) Anyway, I know this one was a good one to him :)

Our room number - 6012

It is located right beside Genting Hotel.

The scenery at night.

I've never been to a grand suite before, I didn't know Maxims existed either! @@ (wtf right) So yeah, being the most Jakun fella among the group, I went & explore the whole room.

Adele Fatty wo, of cause she'll try to spot FOOD first right?
(at least places that STORE food)

Look @ the dining table, tsk tsk!

The living room.

One of the bed room. (thats Wai Ken lazying around)

The dressing room that provides 3 mirror! Girls right...

Spot me spot me!

The oh-so-gorgeous bathroom.

Another living room? O.O

Yours truly was enjoying some TV series, ALONE. haha!

The BEST part of all: they provide computer with internet access too!
(lol my twitter page)

This is room 6014 if I'm not mistaken.

No one's in this room because everyone is in the grand suite.

They had 7 TV's in one room. @$#*&$^(&$)($&@(*

Thanks to Keith's DSLR! :)

and Jeslyn's awesome compact cam!

Whatever camera it is, I'll still be camwhoring. :P
That's Arie on your right.

Wai Yian, my hot sister.

We were basically lazing around..

Okay what were they looking?

Hahah! Yin in his bubble bath LOL!

Arie's handmade cake just for kin :)

Typical blow-candle-then-cut-cake ceremony.

The not so tradition way of drinking.

The mixture of Korean Soh-Ju, Hennessy, Chivas, Bacardi Apple & a little bit of Coke -___-

I love all my brothers & sisters!

The brothers & the birthday boy.

Us sisters :)

Wai Ken, Seong Soon, Edwyn my Prince, Keith & Antonio my up-syndrome brother!

Among all my brothers, he is the one that understands me the most.
Love you big time, kin brother! <3>

P/s: I'm hungry, what can I eat? :(


JâĐ said...

dropped by from Tziaaa's blog.

It's my 1st visit & the very 1st comment =D

Maxims Genting~ Wow!
I've been work in Genting's Reservation Department ..& i know the cost of 1 night stay in Maxims!

Haha, thx for ur pics...
& finally i know how's Maxims looks like =P

Adele Chow said...

JAD: haha hey :) Thanks for dropping by yeaa! lol ya lor maxims damn cool hahah welcome :)