Monday, November 23, 2009


I think I'm back to where I've belong. Jay Chou ♥

Btw, this is exactly how I look right now.
Wrapping myself up with jackets & blankets; using the computer in a room w/o fans & air-cond on.


and I hate myself when I'm sick.
I hate medications. (who does la?)
I hate staying at home all day too! =/

Saturday was the day.
I went for a TVC all thanks to JonYKT.

15 year old kid with his shy look fml lol.

I woke up @ 5am because I was told to reach the place by 7am.
(I only slept for an hour ++)

Some of the extras.

It was my 1st time trying out shooting like this. Mhmm, quite fun la :)

Spot the guy in black at the left of this picture.
(Bunkface lol)

Oh ya, we were doing some commercial shoot for TM net's everyone connects theme song.
The mic's are sooooo cute! :P

I reached home around 3pm, knowing that I've tons of plans that night(Saturday), so I decided to take nap since I'm super exhausted already. BUT. I was feeling super weak when I woke up! I know I'm sick already :(
Throat infection, fever, flu & cough. HAIHHH!!


Spot that lil something @ her car? :)

I bought this for her since last year! FINALLY, it's up! Heh* I love my bestie

Okay la, I better go get some rest right now!
Ta, x.


Simon Seow said...

Not that Jay Chou song again!!! I like Ah Bin's remake of an old song more.

Copykate said...

looking pale. though that's how i usually look without make up. lol. get well soon! <3

Adele Chow said...

Copy kate: haha i seldom makeup ma :( thanks beb! :D

Simon: hahaha Jay chou still the best!