Thursday, November 05, 2009

Officially F.M.L

I promised myself to at least update my blog every 36 hours? Hahaha yeah not 24 not 48 but 36(middle ma, not too often not too long)!! PFFFFFT. There are like tons of stuffs spinning in my head right now, I can hardly breath anymore; seriously. :(

1) 1st paper starts tomorrow(ICG Practical test)
I'm so gonna suffer for the next whole week!! I just cant wait until the next Friday(finals over la)! So I can start working, playing, traveling already!

2) 2nd paper on next Monday(CTR)
Yes I know I'm damn lame la can, its all about finals. Omg!! I'm trying to understand what is Theory Research all about but I guess I failed badly. Ugh.

3) I so wanna type my 3rd paper which is IMMW on next Tues.
But you all sure get bored already one lor, haih.

I don't wanna fail ANY subjects because I dont wanna retake any subs la DAMNIT.
Dad wont pay for my retake fee too I suppose? :(
Adele Chow, STUDYYY!!!
I'm so not losing, so not gonna show you my weakness & let you take ME for granted!

Actually got a few happy things I wanna share with you all one la:

1) I got my Nuffnang cheque already & Im so happy!
Thanks Nuffnang, what more could I say? (:

2) Kin's party tomorrow @ Genting!
I'm suppose to be happy because its gonna be another brothers & sisters gathering BUT the thing is... (okay this is the next point)

3) I'm working @ OCBC, Taipan this weekend from 9am-3pm.
Happy because I can get money again la BUT I will be @ Genting on the previous day which means, I have to rush back down from Genting & rush to work on 9am??!! FML OMG.

Not forgetting to support my bestie, LOO JIA SHIN @ Mist, Bangsar on the same day(Saturday) because she joined the Hyperbabes thingy; then Koonz's big two-one @ Zouk, omg!!

I spelled, GG.COM!

Gotta run, progression check with Sir Edward @ college in a bit; then meeting up with my event manager, Elia for some job briefing. *breath in *breath out
Oh, Phobia 2 was good btw.

P/S: Happy birthday in Advance, Aaron Chan! Penang is too bored for you larr.

Okay maybe this would make me laugh for a while.

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