Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hui Bin's 18th Bday Party @ her place.

November 2nd was her birthday, she had an early birthday party on the 1st of Nov, which is last Sunday. She's like one of my nicest friend ever! As I've mention in my previous post, we don't hang out often, but we're still as close as ever! (:

The birthday girl & I.
(spot the Swarovski Pink Crystal Heart pendant that we bought for her)

A random shot of part of the people & place.

Yums! :P

BBQ! (damn black right lol)

FOOOOD! All thanks to Kok Leong (:

I tell you, the cakes was awesome! I ate so much that I can actually feel my tummy became bigger instantly lol wth.

All pictures thanks to Candy!

It was so fun to have almost all my closest mate during high school to gather along together. I love Catholic High School so much, seriously. We were all so busy catching up with each other's life, not forgetting to gossip about each other's too. HAHHAHA!

Cong, Roger, Quan, Kok Leong & Ming.
They were like once the hottest bunch of guys in CHS. *ahemm*

Jia Qian, Keong & Cong again.

Quan, myself, Ming, Hui Bin & Kar Shie.
(ignore the slippers please because my heels were too high so I took it off lol)

Here comes my ming ming ming! :D
He's one of my closent man-friend since high school till now, yay!

Thats Roger on your left & Kok Leong aka my dearest Brother since form 1 on your right!

How can I forget about Pei Yee & Jessica? (:

The camwhore session goes on and on...
I was really so damn happy to see all of them!! You have no idea when was the last time I saw them & for your information, I knew all of them for at least 3 years but I don't think I blogged about them before right? :( So now, say Hi to them!! :D

Hui Bin's hand-made Tiramisu birthday cake with alcohol.

Happily singing ALL LANGUAGE birthday songs to her!

The chicks that night.
Yours truly, Jia Qian, the birthday girl, Kar Shie, Sue Ping, Jessica & Pei Yee!

and a family potrait!
Damn, Im missing my high school life in CHS already.

The sweet friend, Yee Hui was there too.
(of cause la, he's Hui Bin's brother lol)

Okay I dont rmb why I did that to Ming but I rmb I was damn pissed(laughing my lungs out) at that moment lol wth fml. Holding Candy's DSLR somemore.

I don't know who started it. (Was it me?)

Quan also kena.

I dont know who is that, LORRRR.

I shall end this post with this picture of Kok Leong suffering from the painness of his hair & Ming's drunk look(his face were damn red that time one lorr!!)

Wo ai wo de tong xue, hen xiang nian ta men! :) :)
Going to attend another close friend's bday bash @ Sunway tomorrow if I successfully managed my time. Mhmm, good night! Its 3.37am now btw. BOO!


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