Friday, November 06, 2009

Oxy Class Attack

How did you like my outfit for class today? (:
Top ($10), belt(3 for $10); both from Bugis Street, SG.
(of cause not the ugly hairstyle la!)

I'll never show my naked face to anyone especially with the hairband up when you actually left no hair to cover the fat face...

and the annoying pimples and the unnoticeable(in pictures la) black heads :(

How? Why? Continue reading :)

I love these 3 Oxy's product!

You know what.
The roads in Malaysia are not as clean as S'pore,
and my face cant take it anymore!!!! :(

I need Oxy Blackheads Cleansing Wash to save my oily, full-with-dirt face!

Just squeeze roughly 2cm to your palm,

and massage gently on your face,

rinse thoroughly after the previous process.
and you will feel "ahhh" damn clean one lor you can feel your face lol.

so I can continue playing my Tekken 6! :D

you know when you played so long, like after few hours, you get annoyed by your face.


I was wondering whether should I just wash my face again with the Oxy Cleansing Wash but I was lazy la, cause I wanna play game mah.. I swear I was struggling until I see this fella...

lying on the bed with his orgasmic face, he said it was so cooling!
Oxy Oil Control Cleansing Wipes gave him a more cooling & refreshing face! It is so suitable for a basketball-er like him.

Can teach me how to pull out slowly somemore -___-

So I did the same lor...

It was so convenient because I can just wipe off my oil and continue with my games!
Lol the picture above was taken when I was reading the instructions la. ;p

Your cannot-make-it ambassador wanna be! O.O
Its Oxy Nose Pore Strip btw if you didn't know.

A few MUST follow steps to use this Nose Pore Strip.

Oops, this one... no need follow la. :P

They love it so much, because.. guy usually have more black heads compared to girls?
yes? no?

The daily dosage of love with Oxy Nose Pore Strip! :)


So, I click here and see what I've found out again this time!!! :D

The Class Attack Game! (yay I love games)

Choose Game 1, attack a class.

Log on to your acc if you are an existing student.

Or sign up as a New Student if you are not part of it yet!!

Or you can decorate your desktop!

Upload your photo then do a lil dragging to fit in the tiny box :P

Or you can create your own class.

Then start attacking!!

As simple as that! :D

Play with the game and you stand a chance to get all these!!!

I want the SONY VAIO!!!
Why is Oxy being so generous? I can't stop playing this, no no. I better get going right now before I forget about my assignments.

Oh we played the game like 15 minutes only..

The Strip was getting hard already.

Just pull it out.
Warn you, its pain. :( Everything that makes you pretty makes you pain too, right? (:

Now I have flawless skin all thanks to Oxy!
(dont ask about the flower pose im doing because i think i was too happy so my hand just did silly stuff like that, okay!! DONT LAUGH!)

Now I feel like clicking again.


Huan said...

wa... is it really that efficient?

Adele Chow said...

Huan: Try it yourself and you will tell, hehe.