Monday, November 02, 2009

Lovely weekend :P

Cat woman? *meow*

Leopard woman? *haha-how-does-leopard-sound-one-ahh?*

Zebra woman? *okay i dont know how does zebra sounds too*

Miss Bunny? *bunny got sound one ah?*

Its Halloween last weekend! :P

How did you celebrate your Halloween? Mine was awesome! No lah, actually we didn't really celebrate Halloween because we partied on Friday @ Mist, Bangsar just to support DJ Monkey & DJ Funkzu. We all planned to dress up but dont know why suddenly say no need to dress up cause its not Halloween party @ Mist? *very complicated one la*
The conclusion is: NO ONE DRESSED UP!

Saturday was the actual Halloween but what I did? Continue reading. (no not clubbing la -___-)
Oh but I wore something like Zebra, hahah.

My current facebook profile picture!

I was basically cam-whoring at somewhere while waiting for Rach.
Spot my Zebra top I got from SG! Very cheap only!!
Will review soon on my Bud-jet shopping blog-post, soon! :D

My all-time-gold-fish face quote by Mynjayz lol.

Yes I was busy snapping myself at some kopitiam. (look at the background la dei)

I'm feeling hyper-orgasmic now and if you get what does that mean, lol wth. -___-
Tik Tok is playing now and can you imagine Im blasting it on volume 36 hahaha! Sean Kingston's replay is awesome as well! He made me can't stop replaying replay lol lol. :D

Oh, so basically we were waiting for Rach to come out.
Sister, Hui Sien.

I dont know why I closed my eyes as in make it smaller because as you can see, my eyes is already very small compared to Jeslyn's. Jeslyn is also my sister but I don't call her sister one I dont know why. She's my darling snake :P

My all time so hot sister, Rachel.
(actually this picture is taken inside Mist one, nvm we jump to Mist already lol)

My another hot sister, Wai Yian.
"Adele tomato!!" says Yap Han Bing. :(

Okay la actually we reached Mist before 12 already and we got free jugs of Whiskey, Vodka. I've got Corona Extra from Funkzu too! :P Not forgetting the ambassador's Vodka lime, slurps. Don't forget the lollipops because everyone was popping one, at least. Heh*

Aaron & Kim Chun(the bitch) were there too but they left early.
Look at the way they smile, same same one err! Haha.

My dailydosage of ♥ w/o Aaron & Kok hoe.
Eh DDOL, we never party all in one before lo; FOL(fcuk OUR life)!

Terry, the ambassador of Mist. :P

I love my sisters! Terry just jumped in, too bad he cant fit. HAH!

Met a new friend, Kimmy that reads my blog. Awww :)
I don't know why the picture so blur but what to do, thats the only picture I got.

And the night ends @ ss15, Canai. WAIT, did I mentioned that I had flaming? Thanks to Kenny la and now he owes me 30 pieces of Roti Telur, lol.

I was suppose to follow Kin the brother along to Malacca for a one day trip on Saturday but I can't wake up -__- But good also la, cause Aaron, Kenny, Kok Hoe brought me to a bazaar at PJ. Thanks to Red for the info heheh. I didn't wanna wake up at first but when I heard the word "cloths", I jumped up from the bed lol.

I printed screen from one of the blogshop because the bazaar was a combination of more than 15 blogshops awwww :P
Berry the happppppy ah! Bud-jet shopping is love.

Went for Jennifer's Body @ Summit after that.
No doubt, it was a lame movie.. BUT, it is worth it to pay rm10 just for Megan Fox's.

Poker it was after that. (:
Anyone wants to poker? Call me! After finals lah of cause. Har-har-har!
My sunday was spend on the bed until 5pm, then I went to Hui Bin's birthday party @ her place thanks to Roger & Tracy. Got her a Swarovski pink crystal heart pendant from Midvalley before that. Damn, now I want a pendant from Swarovski too!!!!

The party was awesome because I met so many of my Catholic High school mates & we were so busy catching up with each other! Will update soon about the partayyy :)

So yeah, today is her actual bday!
Happy 18th Birthday once again.
6 years friendship, and more years yet to come.
We don't hang out often, but we text often! Haha, she's always my best buddy (:

Bryan is calling already, movie later anyone?
Oh nooo. I think I better finish up my MPP notes because MPP's final paper is this Friday.
Time flies, agree?

It's November 2009 already.
One more month and there goes 2009. The picture of November 2008 is still clearly in my mind, I can't believe time flies so incredibly fast.

"Appreciate everything before its too late", I'm reminding myself everyday.


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