Monday, October 12, 2009

When the clock strikes at 12....

About the quitting blogging thing, it was just a joke. I wanna surprise you readers that's why. But now, I'm really very very unhappy. Right before I step out my house, my dad words ruined everything. Sigh!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to myself!
I'm like finally legal. Thanks to those that had already wished me, eg: Andy K, Je Yue, Melody K, Bell, Jeremy & a few more..

This domain is one of my birthday present. I'm seriously loving it! I've rejected all my plans this afternoon just for this because I wanna launch it by my bday!

It's still under construction but I will definitely get it done by this weeeek!
I promise (:

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Joshualaw said...

Happy Birthday, Adele! =)