Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday surprises!

Hello dear readers, before I comtinue typing, please accept my apology & my 90 degree bow because I've not been updating my blog for quite sometimes =/ I'm really busy these days. But don't worry, I'm loving my new site, I will definately update more frequently not forgetting the style of my blog will be slightly different :)

Firstly, I wanna thank Jay Grandpa & Howard. Without them, I wouldn't have this site, like what howard say, I will still stay at my blogspot house, lol..

Secondly, Happy Birthday to Max & Johan! One day right after my big day, nice one! (: We shall celebrate our birthday together next time! Oh ya, Kenneth as well! The skinny guy that shared the same birth date as me, heh.

Thirdly, I think I will do more typing now on, instead of pictures. But then no worries, the defination of lesser pictures doesn't mean no pictures at all with full typings. O.O


It's really not a small amount of people, I did not expect to receive that amount of sms'es & calls. Awwww, I'm really touched. I even received wishes from people that I've not met for ages. How sweet can that be? At the same time, thanks to Facebook, I felt much more beloved :) Really, thanks people! Heh*

I actually wrote down a list of names that wished me through phone calls & text msgs but now I'm lazy haha. :P

I get my driving license on my birthday itself! *jumps

Wondering how did I celebrate my birthday? Nah, I did not held any celebration. :) But then, I'm lucky and blessed to receive surprises like this:

He gave me this on Monday, 13th of July.

Cute cupcakes! I love it so much! :)

It is really pretty & yummy!

So that was before my actual birthday, then my birthday eve. I went AC. I was forced to walk alone to his car right before 12am. He then showed me this,

Ohhhh myyy goshhhh. I was like, STONE.

I remember someone told me before, stone is the most natural reaction instead of laughing or crying because its when you stone, you know its because the thing he/she did is too sweet until you don't know what reaction you should give.

And I think its pretty true! =/ I'm sorry if my reaction dissapointed you. I'm really touched. Really. :)

A very big monkey!!

Smiley face soft toy because he wants to see me smile everyday & bandage stands for the scars I had. Haha, creative :P

Look at the amount of sweets. -____________________________-
Mashmellows, lolipops & gummy bears... It's really A LOT.

The monkey & I myself are happy now! (:

Thanks for everything Jason, I really appreciate it. Will update more soon peeps! Will be working tomorrow at Bukit Jalil for MU match! Heh* love love <3

P/S: "Eh del why you never club d one?", "Nowadays never go clubbing woh, busy pak toh ah?" etc.. I'm happy because there are people who realize this fact! Haha!


Unknown said...

OMG.... Yr bf is so sweet! Congrats! XD

Adele Chow said...

Sam: he's not my bf lah. and that was July this year. My post got a lil messed up :O