Monday, October 12, 2009

Updates #1

Yeah, look at my post title you can tell. Updates.... Haha!

I can feel my eyes is closing right now and my legs and hands are shivering thanks to the jobs that clash together this past few days, not to say clash but ONE AFTER ANOTHER. For example, this morning I arrived the casting studio by 9.30am and I rushed to One Utama for rehearsal right after the casting ends. It was around 6pm =/

I only had 4 hours sleep yesterday! Tiring, tiring.. I really need more sleep. Then, tomorrow night is another event, argh. Tired!!!! I really gotta sleep already. Saturday Henessy Artistry!!!!! (: (: (:

Things to be done by tomorrow!

  1. Go to college for registeration.

  2. Mesti pergi Bank.

  3. Collect my cheques from Ren Events. (dont know owe me how long already)

  4. Reach One Utama by 5pm for Russell's hair do.

Drink more water people! Everyone is getting sick these days, according to Jason. :( PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF YEAH! Don't be like Joshie, he's damn sick right now. Sigh!

3 more jobs updates coming up. I'm sorry for my late posts :( Forgive me kay? Marathon post soon! *heh

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