Monday, October 12, 2009

MU match, Astro Soccer Safari Job.

Before I start, just to inform you guys that this post is actually saved in drafts since 23rd of July. So yeah. Mhmm.. Btw, want a MU poster? I'm giving out MU posters! (scroll down to the end of this post!)

The love.

My very 1st time to experience this kinda CROWD!

I only went in not more than 5 minutes! Argh. Continue reading & you will know.

There are people selling MU stuff all around.

All takut tak dapat masuk?! -.-

Under the very hot sun!

Alright, now what? Why did I enter the stadium for not more than 5 minutes when I'm suppose to WORK FOR THE MU MATCH!?!? As I said in my previous post, I KENA CON lor.. :(

We worked for this Astro Soccer Safari instead.

All kinds of booth.

Face painting,

Mon Wei was there too!

I, as the usher basically did nothing but just clicking. To count how many people walked in and out. Lol! One thing good about this event is, time flies... Muahahah!

Pop Syahfik? Some Malaysian band.

This guy in blue top & red bottom was great! He's the freestyle soccer king. (Thats what they called him la)

Lion! More specifically, cub.

Some cheerleaders.

A picture of myself to prove that I'm really working! Look at my tiring face and sweats :(

That's Liyana Binti Aziz that does not look like a Malay at all!

I've got MU poster!

To be given out! :)



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I will be updating my next post in a bit, so stay tuned! Loves, xx.

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