Monday, October 12, 2009

Random #2

I just love to psycho you :)

I'm so hyper right now because I'm going to Henessy Artistry in 2 more hours time!! YAY YAY!! (Okay Nigel just told me its called ARTISTRY now already because our government doesn't allow events with alco's name)


I think its really gonna be a fun night because there will be hot stuffs DJ spinning not forgetting the alco's and musics! The best part is having my lovely babes and dudes with me and the "best-errr" part is I get to meet all the bloggers I've been chatting all these while! Yay, all in one :)

Imma happy gurl now :)


I had 10 passes thanks to Nuff Nang & I will be going with Tzia, Frederick, Jia Shin, Jason, Joshie, Samuel, Mon Wei & her friend Jenny. So yeah, do the counting and you will realize I have an extra pass!

So yeah, since its already 6.08pm now. DONT WASTE TIME! Leave a comment now if you want it! FAST!!

Will be meeting up with the bloggers: Nigel, Jackie, Zues, Jess, Josh, Evelyn, Hitomi, Kimz, Dustyhawk, Ewin.. and more more!! :D How can I forget my darling Bell, Jac and Jing Yi!! *heh* So yeah, if you manage to get my msn or phone number do ring me if you want the extra pass to Henessy Artistry tonight!!!!! :D


See you guys there later, xx.

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