Monday, October 12, 2009

Henessy Artistry #1

(I edited my "about me" session, heh*)

I went I went I went to Henessy Artistry!
Thanks to Nuff Nang once again for the passes, especially to Nicholas Chay that loves to call me fei po!! :D

FYI, I don't have a DSLR nor canggih camera, so yeah. Most of the pictures are taken by other bloggers :)

Lets see, the night start off when Jason picked me then Jia Shin whileJoshie is already inside the car. We reached there by 9pm and I remember we parked at somewhere real far. :( What to do, ini event very BIG!

All the Nuff Nangers (:
(EDIT: Thanks to boss that did this so that I'm in the group photo too yay!)

I went with Ms Loo Jia Shin,

And Miss Tan Tzia Tzia :)

There are 4 diff catogories, V.S.OP.
We bloggers were at S.

"You're good to party!"

The stage and the crowd.
(Photo taken by Ewin)

I only receive pictures from my boss so far, mhmm.. thank you BOSS! :)

The boss & his bodyguards!

The love birds, Jess & Josh.

Not forgetting the girls,

and dance!
(Photo courtesy to Joshua Ong)

I look horrible in this picture but this is the only pic taken with Howard :(

Zues, Myself, Tzia, Monwei & Jenny
(Photo taken by Howard)

I remember taking this because Simon and I were dancing with our hands like that! hahah!
(Thanks DustyHawk for the photo)

Now, NIGEL TEEE aka "baby", WHERE IS MY PHOTOS?!!! Lol!
He was my photog that night so yeah..

I remember meeting tons of faces and hell lotsa pictures were taken. Do stay tuned for Henessy Artistry #2 okay? :)
Zues, Tzia, Bell, Jack, Simon.... etc. PLEASE TAG ME ALL THE PICTURES!


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