Monday, October 12, 2009

How did I celebrated my 18th birthday?

(FYI, this is the 2nd post for today, scroll down for my 1st post - MU post!)


I always dreamed about my 18th birthday celebration when I was 16, 17 years old because I thought of throwing a grand party for my legal day, lol.

But somehow, I changed my mind when I stepped in 2009. I used to plan my birthday celebration months ago. But this year, It's just so not me. Friends called and asked, "Eh birthday coming d wor, wanna celebrate at where?", "Don't tell me you're not celebrating ah this year?!" etc..

Haha, I'm happy with this ordinary mini celebration I had this year although I did not cut any cakes la(cause I dont wanna eat cake), hehe.

On my actual birthday, I decided to stay at home because I can't decide who to go out with so yeah.. Until this someone called me! :)

Guess who? (:

Cherry, my ai ren! Hahaah!

We don't meet each other often because of the place we live but we always keep in touch, hor ai ren? :p Now that both of us get out P license already, no where is far for us! Muahahaha :D I enjoyed catching up with her, thanks for the birthday lunch girl (:

I had dinner with my family that night at TGIF. It's been a while since I had dinner with them, exclude those in the house la. (Where is mummy? Sigh, I don't even have a family portrait.)

After the dinner, late night celebration?
Haha more to sing k session la. Didn't get to snap more picture because I was busy singing :) Thanks Koonz for the treat too! :P

Last but not least, my belated birthday dinner. Just a very simple and casual ones. Thanks to Billy that fetched me! (Nah billy see I blogged bout you ahh!)

Shermaine, Jiashin, Melisa, Billy, Wanyee and I.

Will and Juan joined in.

Me with the love birds (:

Doug and Jack.

William and Wei Juan.

Us girls in the loo! :p

Jiashin, myself, Wan Yee & Shermaine.

Thanks Wan Yee hubby for the "I love ADELE" card! Muacks! (:

And now, I realized. Birthday, is just another day. No biggie, ehehe (:

College is starting next Monday which means, I only have another 2 days to relax, or shall I say, prepare my hearts because its time to study hard! I didn't really party hard the past 2 weeks, more like working hard -______- What to do? Daddy is not giving me allowance :(

I think I better get going now because I only have an hour to dress up, have to reach One Utama before 5pm! =/

P/S: Henessy Artistry event is tomorrow! YAY! I cant wait to meet all my lovely dovey bloggers such as, my boss Jackie, Zues, Evelyn(Yenniedoll), Hitomi, Nigel flyguy, kimz and lots moreeeeee! yay yay! (: Remember to snap lotsa pictures together because we are bloggers mahhhh. hahha! :D

xx muacks!

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