Monday, October 12, 2009

Photoshoots with my own storyline.


I jump high high!
I am a very happy-go-lucky girl, always :)


I feel like I'm on top of the world sometimes because I had fabulous friends around me.
Despise my family background and all my past relationship, I still feel very grateful.


I'm always smiling, laughing, laming and random-ing.
I doubt my friends will not laugh when they are with me, lol.


Recently, I opened that door; that door inside my heart.


But all I see was sadness, fear, emo-ness and the feeling of being lost.


I want to be strong, I need to protect myself.
Maybe because of that, I blocked everything out.
I don't trust people easily, or shall I say, I think about one thing more than twice everytime.


Jeslyn says, "Adele, Is because you don't accept guys anymore."
She said that because I disagreed with the way she and a few of my friends treated their boyfriends.

Love is BLIND, really.

I've been witnessing all my friends through all these shits recently. I really don't understand why would they do that? I really don't. But, flashing back all my past, I guess I was once like that too. What's wrong with me? Yay, I don't even know what am I trying to say. Do I sound like I'm emo-ing over relationships, love, like, infatuation kinda thingy? But honestly, I'm not. Or maybe I am? But there is definitely more than that. Because the picture of my dad hitting my my my mum is still clearly on my mind, financial usage is also spinning in my head, the college works that I barely understand is also included in my mind. Well, don't worry. I'm still alive.

Do I look like I'm emo? I think so.
Why am I emo? I don't know.



Thanks to Mike, Jackie & Ken.
(Ken's photo is not done yet)


One day, I will turn back and smile :)

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