Monday, October 12, 2009

Henessy Artistry #2 aka FULL POST.

Yeah yeah, FULL post! I know this post is like super super outdated already but who cares la right? At least I still update it lorr. Anyway, the main things about this event I'd post in Henessy #1 already, so this post is mainly pictures with the bloggers & friends only.

As you know, I don't own a DSLR and I really want one very badly now, HOR TZIA? =/
My point is, the pictures were taken by other bloggers! Thanks yeah (:


Lets start of with Fat Man Scoop! He was real good, like really really good!
(thanks ewin)


Thanks to Nicholas that gave me 10 passes to this event (:


Kenny Sia was there to have fun too I guess?


Including Cheeserland, Ringo.


It was fun having my besties with me in such a grand event. Although we are more like busy taking pictures on our own but having each other's companion still sounds great, don't you think so?


Jia Shin & I in Jason's.

We arrived pretty punctual, around 9pm if I'm not mistaken. FYI, we get in the event without lining up. All thanks to Nic *smiles*
According to Jackie, the guards were checking everyone's IC.. Mhmm... Lol.

I remember we were categorized at the S session, the media & bloggers. WOOHOO!! Snapping picture was the 1st thing that came in my mind. Lol!!


Us with Jess.


Myself with BenjicaJess.


Mon you came late & I had to ask someone else to pass you the passes because I was busy, mhmm.
Love you, and Haagen Dazz! :)


How can I forget my Boss?


How can I don't remember Nigel? :p


Dustyhawk aka Lionel.


Hitomi that had so much fun that night.


Didn't expect to see Julien there! My Ex-schoolmate.


I was wondering who is this when I was taking picture with him because practically I took picture with everyone I can see, lol.
But then, now of cause I know la, my photographer that took "shades" in me! *goosebumps*


I don't really rmb his name, mhmm.
Can someone help me? :(




Nic & me with Jolyn this time!

I remember there are lots more picture with the bloggers but then I don't know how and where is the picture so yeah, forget it.
After a while, Jingi sms-ed me so I went out and look for her, she was at session V I think? =/


Manage to dragged her in S area! :P


Jia Shin, Myself, Jingi, Sarah.

I was basically hoping here and there. UncleJosh was there too but he will never send pictures to me! Argh!! I saw him few days in a row already, lol. Anyway, as I was saying, I went all around H.A and guess who I saw?


Jac! :D
(Actually I met her at the enterance already one la, lol)


You better eat more and take care of your stomach okay? (sounds like she is pregnant wtf)
If you didn't know, she just went for an appendix operation weeks ago.


Tzia jumped in the picture!


Barbara was there as well!
She was once my so called "enemy" in high school but we're cool right now :)


Oh I almost forget Wai Kent was there with his sis as well.


His sis = PINK PAU.

We left quite early because there were friends waiting for us for another round of *cough* yumcha session, hahah!
I want a group pic with the bloggers la, yerrrr Im always not in :(


It really feels so right when I'm with them.


Now, where is my DSLR?!! :(
Give me 3 months, I will get you. I DONT CARE!

XO -

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