Monday, October 12, 2009

Nuffnang Movie Screening- Orphan; Best friends.


Hello to the DSLR!
(I can't keep my hands of Jackie's DSLR!)
(and I think I really pout a lot in pictures, lol?)

Since everyone had already blogged about the Movie Screening- Orphan. I think I shall blogged about it too before the movie launched. (:
So yeah, I was invited by Samuel Chew known as SeraphSam because his partner bail him off the last minute. THANK GOD I WENT! (: (:


I don't watch horror movie, but THUMBS UP to Orphan!
You really gotta watch it, there's something wrong with Esther, REALLY.

I really wanna blast all out here but cannot cannot, hahhaa. You wanna know the story? Go watch go watch!!
Esther is more than scary, more than extraordinary!!! -____-


Met up with the boss & his friends before the movie started.


I just realized I don't have a picture with Sam! Nehh he is the one with the grins on the top left of this picture.
Everybody squuuezeeeee.


The bloggers (:


Wen Pink & Amanda.


Kim & Ewin.


Tiff my baby! I was so happy to see her there! Hehee, LOVELOVE!


Tian Chad & Jess.


(OMG whats with the "flower post"?!! (**&^^&^%$#!@@@&%#*)


Kim, Hitomi, myself & the lovey dovey Pink! (:




One last shot after the movie.
Everyone was "ESTHER-ing". Agree? (: (:


Thanks Alby Thum for this. HAHAHHAHA!!!


The post title has the word "best friends". Yes, I wanna dedicate part of this post to my best friends. Sigh, they are all unhappy due to their own problems they are facing these days. My heart really hurts when I see them cry, when I hear their sorrow voices asking me for help. I pray that every single one of them will feel better. I love all of you. I wonder what season is it now? Emotional seasons? Sigh.


Trust yourself, trust Brad. You know you will and you can go through all these.
I will be here for you, always.


You know yourself the best, what you've did for him.
I know how you feel, just don't worry about what others say about you. ILY.


Don't care what others think about you. They don't know you, I know.
It's been more than 4 years, I supported you all the way, and I will continue supporting you, lou po. (:


Stay tough, don't cry, don't think about it.
I've been through the exact same shits you're facing now, and I know, everything will be fine.


Do not feel weak, you know you're NOT.
Please take good care of yourself, I want my hyper sayang back. I missed you.

Don't bother asking whats wrong with them because I wont say a single word. (:
I better get going now, Melody is on her way to my place because its Thursday Dinner Time!!!!! Yippeee Yayy yayy!!!

P/S: Assignments, ohh gosh. HELP.

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