Monday, October 12, 2009

What am I up to these days?

Yes, what am I up to these days? Hhaha, if you followed my Twitter or my Facebook, you probably already know. I don't even have enough time to sleep or rest. Busy woman I am, I have to admit. LOL. I'm typing here at the same time shaking my legs and head(more like dancing movements la) because of this song (: "GEE GEE GEE GEE, baby baby baby!!" (: (:

I was typing half way, Jeslyn called & asked me to have a look at the student portals because she said there is no class this week. =/


(print screen from the student portals) 3 student & 1 lecturer in School of Communication school have tested positive for H1N1!!! =/ Ehh I don't wanna die yet lah. SHIT LAH, NO CLASS FOR THIS WEEK but then MID TERM break also no more already. -________-


Leave the H1N1 thing alone first, I tell you one thing ahhhh......


I'm seriously DESPERATE for DSLR!!!! *cries loudly*
The pictures above was taken last Friday. (I wore a hairband & I look very horrible because my face is fat but thanks to DSLR, you can't see my fat face cause you can only see the DSLR!) Thanks to Syah that allowed me to play with her love.

I WILL GET A SECOND HAND ONE SOOOOON! *Nigel, yes Im looking at you now*

I've a lot to update seriously, there are a few pending post but I don't know which to post 1st, which post do you guys wanna read?
TELL ME OKAY! Hehehee.


Working at GRA? (I love Fish Lens!!)


Steph's 18th birthday? (Colorful ladies, lol)


JUICE 7th anniversary? I know right, so long already. =/ (Thats sam, evon & Jacklyn)


A FEW THINGS THAT I DID FROM 17August-23August. (more like the weekends lah, hhaha)


Did a favor for Melisa, went for a car photoshoot for Extreme Magazine.
NO, I am NOT looking forward to see myself -___-


Went for dinner session with Melody, Yee Wei & Jimmy. (I love you babe, don't be sad anymore okay?)


Cheong K session with Jeslyn & Kin ONLY at the biggest room in RedBox, lol.


Bloggers Burger Session at SS2. (I had a great time, indeed.)


AVATAR movie screening with a few Nuff Nang bloggers only. (Kena "con"? hhaha)


Yes, I went to Poppy. It's been a while since I stepped into a club and yesshhh. I HAD SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!! *laughs*
(Look at my constipation face beside Rach & Fred, oh and spot Eu Jin & Wai Kent!)


I love my girls!!!!! (The picture above can tell right, aku banyak happyy!!)
That's why, hit the club once in a while with your love ones is fun! I don't club always especially with dont know with who one, damn sien can.


Adele Chow & Aaron Chan Chow Hee!!! We have the same initials! LOL.
(yesh now you know I have a belly piercing, lol)


Chicken Rice session with the "FOUR MINUE ONE but ADDED TWO" *inside joke* at Dengkil.
(okay I have no idea where is that, I know its somewhere very far from Subang.)


myJAYsian 5th Anniversary at Pavilion RedBox Plus!
(Devonn, Nich, Mel, Suet Mei, Queenie, Dionn, Hui Bin, Amelia, BorizBenji, Syeet Yeng, Nic and E. Keong)


I will go into details soon, stay tuned okay? Cause there is tons of pictures! LOL!
Oh yeah, I had tons of yumcha session with different groups of friends but hello, tak kan yumcha also take picture meh? Okay la, I better get going now because I'm having meeting later with the Black Out committees at Sunway area. Ciao!


Now I really need to sleep although I slept at 11pm yesterday and I woke up at 1pm today.
(Btw the picture above I wasn't posing, hhaha)

P/S: I Love Beth Cooper, GI Joe = WHEN LAHHH!!!?? (you know who you are, hahhaaa.)

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