Monday, October 12, 2009

Movie screening? MOVIES!


Worked for GRA yesterday. Tiring, tiring...

Will update about it when I got all the pictures (: Oh wells, I've like so many events on hand pending to be blogged.
JUICE 7th anniversary; Jacklyn's 18th bday at Zouk, Phuture; Stephanie's 18th bday at Fullhouse then Envy, Solaris etc etc..


Imma busy person, no? Hhaha. Enjoying life to the fullness before it's too late. My fav quote recently: "I don't need a man to make me happy, I just need friends." (: Agree? Like I always say, I've awesome peoples around me & that makes me happy ALL THE TIME. Hehheh, life is about enjoying, not suffering. So, why bother making yourself unhappy instead of having more & more fun? *laughs* However, having fun doesn't mean clubbing, drinking all the way. You have to know how to enjoy studying, enjoy doing assignments! *laughs louder* I write this out is to remind myself, ASSIGNMENTS ARE PILING UP ALREADY!

I went for quite a few movies recently. One of it was the Movie Screening by Nuff Nang. Once again, Thanks Nuff nang & boss- Jackie Loi.


Very cute movie, but I still cried. LOL.


The tickets by NN.


Thanks Samuel for fetching me (:


Met up with Kristine & Melody.


Myself, Jac, Tian Chad & his friends.


I wonder what were we talking about. LOL


With Huai Bin, Jan, Jac & Jackie.
Semua bloggers. (:

THE NEXT DAY - I went for this: along with more bloggers, but then, due to transportation problem. I reached there LATE! :( Everyone were inside the cinema already. The worst thing is, I gotta leave early!!!! ("Thanks" to my dad) So yeah, I didn't finish watching this movie & I never get to meet any bloggers other than my "baby" Nigel. Thanks anyway! (:


I don't like this kinda alien movie. Tak faham langsung. -________-


This is so much better! (:


Went for The Proposal last Friday after college along with Eu Jin, Aaron, Red & Sam since Tiger & Ronald can't make it. =/


Sunway lor, where else?


I camwhored using Sam's DSLR but then I look very horrible :(


Samuel Young (:


Red aka My Bak Kut Teh kaki!


Eu Jin that called me EMO DEL where he named himself EMO JIN.


Last but not least, Aaron Chan Chow Hee! (:
I camwhored & I know I look horrible but who cares laahhh. :D

I'm watching Orphan tomorrow! Thanks Samuel! (not the samuel young la) I think its a Nuffnang screening. Yes? No? Mhmm..
Who's going? (: (:

OH ONE MORE THING! I did not went for MTV World Stage last Saturday yet I'm feeling nothing!! Hhaha, maybe I will if David Archuleta was there. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! G.I Joe soon! One more movie, err the Alien Attic one!! Who wanna watch with me? Heeee.

P/S: My red rash is killing me. Stupid injection from another clinic is useless!
P/S (ii): This is my 1st weekend without Tzia! Ehh I met her lor at least but then I never spend time with her! Miss you Tzia! (:

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