Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinner time! (:

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I just came back from college hours ago thanks to Jeslyn and her white waja*cough*

How was 1st day of college after 3 weeks of holidays? Lol... Today's class is just 2 hours from 8am to 10am, sigh. What a waste of time, I have to wake up so early just for that pathetic two hours! -___________- I remember having Friday as our "holiday" last semester but now, we don't have classes on Monday. Although I prefer to have classes on Monday instead of Fri's but I shall be grateful because I still have 3 days of weekends (: (:

Heading to Sg. Wang later with Jeslyn, *ehem* because white waja got class woh.. (lmao) Might walked over to Pavilion because I want more cloths from Forever 21! (maybe I can do some hunting for this Friday's event, heh)

Anyway, I went for a date last week. Mhmm.. (JOKING LA!!) We headed down to Ss2 for this! Nommnommyummyumm!
I don't really blog about food but then I really love this restaurant! Nyehehe, I recommend you people to go try it out, okay okay?

Restaurant One Noodle, right beside Prince Cafe, Ss2.

Bryan Chan Fu Yuan (:

My asam noodle from China, hahah!

His Curry Laksa that taste a hundred times better then how it looks!
Big portion too!

Some fish cake kinda thing that the waitress recommended.

"Guai Lin Gou"
Herbal Jelly with additional honey! :P

My all time fav, sea coconut with longan.

Thanks for the treat, although I paid RM10 la. Hahaha!

Looking at the food now makes me hungry, I love food, especially good ones!
Come come lets go food hunting, who's with me? (:


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