Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank you for loving me.

Its 9.26pm now, I'm currently at Kin's hogging on his lappie while Sien & Rach are sleeping just right infront of me! (with their sexy legs facing me, lol)

Not forgetting Fred is busy being lame, oh & texting his girl :)

I can hear Yin & Kin's voice at the background talking loudly(they are actually at the living room hahha)


Omg damn nice right?

Its been a while since I headed to the beach.

I'm sure the place will be better than Penang, Port Dickson!
Hahahahaa! Psycho man! (bro & sis!) :D

"You are not allowed to drink mineral throughout the whole journey!"

Wtf? hahaha.

The best part! Hahahahahaha.

I still rmb last few weeks Max send me a text like that:

"Papaya I'm going to Langkawi soon what chocolate you want?
See Durian will never forget you! Hahaha!"

He even said:
"Eh Adele I actually bought a chocolate with your name on it but it melted! :( "

Awww, how sweet can a best friend be?

THIS IS IT, I hope you are reading this, MAX LEE HAN HUANG aka my Mr. Durian!!!!!

Okay, you should know where am I heading to by now. Lol!

Toodles peeps, I will bring some sea shells back for you guys!


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