Monday, June 22, 2009

I think, I'm in love again. :)

(EDIT: 10.11pm)

I'm suppose to finish up my pressay for Oral Presentation tomorrow but yeah, I'll just blog a little 1st alright? :)

How is Langkawi's weather?
Toooooooooooooooooooo HOT! :(

Take a look at the picture above, I didn't edit the background lor.

This was day 2.
(Whats with me with orange colour? Lol.)

What you expect lah?
Langkawi is all about the beach, the sea breeze, the sunrise & sunset. :)

I really had a good time chilling, relaxing, chatting with the brothers & sisters all day/night long. I felt relief throughout the whole journey.
(This sentence sounds a bit kang kang, wtv la as long as you guys understand, lol.)

Although it was just a 3days 2nights trip, it's enough for me already.
After all, I still have to face all my problems & settle my stuffs because I'm back here :(

Final exams, Driving test, Jobs, Dancing lessons & so on...

Ugh, I wish I'm still at Langkawi at this moment!
Stress-free, especially with all my lovelies around. :)

Where are you?
Just, next to me.


I can't feel your presence anymore.


Like what they always say,


而是我在你身边,你却不知道(装?) 我爱你

These are one of the reason that made me smile.

"Does this reminds you of someone?"
(Kin peeled the prawn skin for me because he knows I only eat peeled prawns)

"Yea, but. You know I don't care anymore right..."

" I only care about HIM,
the one that made me realized how deep I'd felt.
& I know, Its just a matter of time. "

Oh ya, I've a cut on my left hand.

We were all tipsy(okay maybe not we but ME) then I wanted to lie down on the floor manatau, PLANG! I broke the glass & yeah, I've got the cut.

I don't rmb it was Kin or Joshie that took me to the toilet but the only thing I said was:

"WAIT, LET ME TAKE PICTURE FIRST!" (the wound was bleeding...)


"EH THE LIGHTING NOT GOOD!" (walks to the other mirror & snap*)

That explains the picture above, lol.
I'm an efficient blogger wtf joking lar okay. -___________-

I thought the wound had recover? Or at least the blood stopped right?
This morning,


Did I ever mention I'm an O negative blood person?

FYI, the doctor says I can hardly find an O negative blood person in Malaysia.

Maybe, there is only 1 outta 1000 people?

(Its very rare la, very hard to find one, Guai Lou blood lei geh..)
Thats what my mum just said.

I still remember when I was in standard 6, we went for this blood test thing.
Every friend of mine was holding the card with the word POSITIVE printed on it while mine was handwritten NEGATIVE, how "cool"? :(

Mum keep bugging me to save my blood in the blood bank just incase something bad happen to me, I will have blood for myself :(

(Gosh sounds so scary touch wooood!*)

That's how my wound looks like.

The course mates was "helping" me by telling me how deep my scar will go & telling(more like scaring) me the consequences if I don't go look for a doctor asap.

So yeah, my very kind brother pulled me to the clinic right after class.

I had an injection AGAIN.
Not the butt but the arm this time! :(

The doctor was looking at the record book & said:

"Eh you just got a jap few weeks back huh?"


I know right, Zzzz.

I guess I'm typing too much already, gotta run now.
10.30pm & I've not started my pressay yet. K ciao peeps!

Will go into details about Langkawi trip, NEXT POST!!! :D

Finals in starting next Wednesday!!!


This Friday is Edwin's bday celebration, at POPPY.

The following day is Aaron's farewell, at the same place again..

I know I promised you readers not to club.
But, should I go ah?

Birthday & farewell wohhhhh, HMMMMMM.


I'm back people!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm currently at the ICT lab while waiting for my BSC lecturer to enter the class, pratical test for finals ahhhhhh! :(

I had a very very deep cut at my left hand, or you call that arm, whatever la.
PAIN! (Will show you guys soooooon, lol)

I've so much to blog about, with more than 300+ pictures!
JET SKI is the BOMB.



Okay, sir just came in.

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