Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ridiculous? False hope? NOT.

Hello peepos!

Its 15 more minutes till 4pm. Guess where am I now?
Haha, college's 7th floor.

Looking at the classmates busy playing pool & foos, while I myself just finish replying my cbox, lol.

Btw, I slept at 9pm yesterday then woke up around 12.45am because I have assignments to rush! Fall asleep around 4am pulak! -________________-

WOKE UP AGAIN AROUND 6am. College at 8am mahhh!

Great lar I tell you.

8am presentation, my group was the first group to present.
No doubt, we did pretty OKAY.

AT LEAST, effort tak di-wasted-kan! HAHA, what am I typing, too hyper d. -.-

8am class till 10am.
10am class till 12 am.
12am class till 2pm.

Suppose to have class from 2pm- 4pm, but yeah, CLASS CANCELED! :P
That's why I'm here lor, lol.

My brain is like sudah cramp.
Haha, ISA Internal Sedition Act's History.
Then, the landmark cases larrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

Raja Petra, Operation Lalang, wahh laoooo.
Reading all those its like see-ing how Malaysia government ZZZZZZZZZZZZ to the XXXXXX.

Okay, I can't type it all out because I don't wanna be arrested by ISA.


(I'm always lame right, wtf)

K LA, its been a while since I really type out so many words without a single picture.
Lol, basically, I-AM-CRAPPING.

K lar, going home soooooooooon.
(I can smell Hui Sien & Rachel's ciggy smell... Damn sexy woi.)

(Okay Im not Okay.)


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