Saturday, June 27, 2009

I miss Tan Tzia Tzia.

& Loo Jia Shin.

I love myself when I do these weird facial expressions!
(These photos are taken when we're on the way to Sunway. FYI its Willie's car!)

No I'm not rating this movie like how the other bloggers do,
No I'm not feeling excited at all,
No thanks because I'm not interested in TRANSFORMERS laaaa.


I know you people must be thinking why am I so outdated & lame typing all these now instead of grabbing my tickets then hit the theater but yeah, I dont know why I'm just so not interested in this movie. (fans of Transformers please dont bomb me!)

I just dislike these kinda movies, lol.
Eg: Alien VS Predators, I also dont like.

Somehow I prefer watching this :

Hannah Montana!! Hahahahaaahhaha
(I can hear you laughing & teasing already la)

Aisehh, I cried lor when I see Hannah with the daddy that part.
Okay Im really lame -________________-

Played this after movie, hahaha.
Will elaborate more in my next post!!! :P

My coursemates is lovelovelove♥

3 more days till you leave M'sia.

You will never enter my heart anymore.
I'm letting go. :)

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