Friday, June 26, 2009

Sometimes you just shouldn't treat people around you too good,

because taking advantages will be the next thing they do to you.

I'm so in love with Sya's DSLR! :P

Just a short one before I leave the house for some business talk kinda thing with Max & Guan Yi.
Was pretty shocked by the news:

Bye Michael Jackson.

He passed away this morning?

Although I'm not his fans, but I can't deny that he is one legendary person.
Who don't know about him?

Life is fragile, you always won't know what is gonna happen next.
So, appreciate what you've got now.

The worst thing in life is to be regret.
So, always express your feelings before it's too late.
That's something I always tell myself.

I love my class, effing much!
Stay tuned for my next post!!!!! Because I just finish editing all the pictures =/

I will never know,
what are you thinking.

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