Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A big smile everyday,

& everything will be okay.

(I'm still speeechlesss actually)


Its June already!!!!
I really can't believe time flies sooo fast.
HALF A YEAR, ITS BEEN HALF A YEAR ALREADY. :( and :D at the same time.

June 2: Happy Birthday Mummyyyy!

Always 30 years old, no? :)


Firstly, sorry for my late updates but this post is definitely gonna lag your com because there will be tons of pictures due to the activities past few days! Laughs*

That's why I have to put some pictures together if not it will be too much!
Click to enlarge alright? Loves!

Oh, yes I was super emo the past few days but I actually laughed when I see my cbox!
Hahaa. Look at those cute spammers, then noticing that I've people behind my back, I'm really happy & thankful!! (:

That's why I said, I love my blog so much! Muacks!!


2 Jun 09, 05:53

alibaba: and i heard that his new gf is much prettier compare to u. in the fiirst place i wonder why he fell for u!

2 Jun 09, 01:26

guest: hi.i heard your exbf is with another girl now.hope you'll get well.


Hahahaha, as you wish lor?

My friends still know me the best, HOR? (:

Haha now I know you spammers can't wait to type already, go go type!
I didn't block your IP address.

Because I know exactly who you are. Come on lar, why so stupid? LOL!!


So now, where shall I start? Hmmm..

1st time stepping in Times Square's theater.
1st time watching a 12midnight movie at somewhere located so far from my place.
1st time watching movie with them :)

I don't fancy cartoons.
Looking forward for Miley Cyrus's & Night at the museum 2 though.

1. Hamtaro buying drinks.
2. Jeslyn & I in IMCOMM class.
3. Sien & I in AC.
4. Myself in FTZ's washroom.

Accompanied the guys for a night swim.
Very nice view, look at the 1st left picture above.
The pool with KLCC background?

1. Fred, Rach & Kin - Candid.
2. Picky smoking.
3. Sien, Yin & Joshie - Candid.
4. Adele's heart. Wth lol, jk la.

A few shots taken with my dear Sien, Rach, Picky & Kin.

We slept over because we have to wake up early the next morning.

Because we went Kampar!

to pick our dear Tzia! (:

2 cars just for Tzia, happy mou Keith Baby!? :p

That's Tzia's house & Fred not forgetting Kin's car.

They camwhored with MY phone while we were waiting for Tzia.

Oh yeah, that's Hamtaro since everyone have been asking who is Hamtaro.
Nehhh, the right one. (:

A few shots taken right after my darling Tzia step in the car.

Went down to Ipoh,

for this :

Ipoh "nga choi gai" - Taugeh Chicken.

Hungry enough, lol.

I have my Cloud-9 & Maltese to accompany me thoughout the journey, heh.

I know you miss me already! Hahaha!

Golden Retriever being very nice to help us with our luggage.
Blue/ Pink?

because it was Sean's 19!

Happy B'day Sean & thanks for the things you tried to help.
Heh, we both don't look good here because we were a little tipsy already.
(Sean was drunk, practically)

1. Kent (my boyfriend that night WTH lmao)
2. JC joined in the picture.
3. Hui Sien dear, I love you!
4. Marcia, Sean's girlfriend.

Sean: " Hahaha Fred drink more drink more see later you sei mou! "

8 pretty shots taken during that fantastic night.
(click to enlarge)

Left that place by 12am, headed to Poppy.

I like this picture!
Jason, Myself, Joshie(hamtaro) & Tiger.

1. Jason
2. Tiger
3. Nicholas - We are really fated woi, lol.
4. Rachel dear, my sister aka Si Fuuuu!

1. Kittie, omg its so nice to see you after so long!
2. Wai kent
3. Hamtaro darling is acting cute.
4. Kin, brother.

I almost get to drive Kor's Porche but thanks to the tipsyness la. :(

Nvm lor, he still drove me around KL.

My pet brother since I was form 3.
The one that still cares for me the most, until today.

Meet my AJ kor kor. Lol!

What's with my :( face?

Slept over at Kin's again.

"I can't sleep till your next to me....."
Scandolous wahahahaahhaha!!!

Everyone was just so close to each other.
I appreciate this friendship, a lot.

My little snake was busy talking with Steph.

Ss15 Snow Flake it was since everyone was craving for dessert.

We cried, we laughed, we had the same slipper.
Can't believe such a strong bond had build between us in such a short period.
I love you dear sister.

Hamtaro is proud because the name is given by yours truly!

FOODS, house party!

Candids again.


Haha, both shaun & sean's birthday, two days in row. (:
The feelings of meeting so many familiar faces at the same time was great, really.

Especially my Wanyee & Shermaine!!

Needless to say.
I just love you guys more than anything.

Last shot before I leave.
Myself, Wanyee, Shermaine, Jiashin, Sharon, Astin & Grace Kee.


Wasn't in the clubbing mood that explains the attire.
(I know you can't see clearly lol nvm)

1. Jason
2. Antonio
3. Won (this is at Coco B)
4. Isaac aka Little Cicak

Yes, I hopped over to Coco Banana from Poppy.

Surprisingly, I have tons of fun that night because sooooooooooooooo many familiar faces was there!!!

Not many pictures were taken at Coco but it was really a FABULOUS night eventhough I only reached at 2am. Sweats..

Baby Melisa was drunk already :(
I went there to surprise her one lorrrrr. Ishhh!

They are one of the reason I smiled so happily that night.

This is also another reason I laughed out loud, hahaha.
(sorry la Fred, hehehe)

Like what I mentioned at my previous post,
I slept for only an hour plus due to this.

The second picture is the blast. EVOSSSS.

Changed into our uniform & then,

Adele, Stephanie & Jia Shin.

Hot sun.

Ciggy & Choco? (:

All we do is just walked around.

Part of the crowd.

Reminds me of all my nice cars pictures that Oma accidentaly deleted it all at SS2 INC.

This Wira's exhause paip is the BOMB, got fire somemore.
Effing loud too.


Pretty Evos.

I just love yellow cars lahhh!

VIP style, very glamorous.

Our booth's competition was some time attack drifting thingy, I guess?

Part of the photographers.

One of the photo taken by Photog Andy.

Reached home by 6pm.
Super exhausted, blister all over the leg but I had fun.
Great experience! (:

Why is my eye so small larrrrrr? BIG SIGH.

That's all for now.
I've pictures taken yesterday & it's not uploaded to the com yet.

Did I mentioned that I skipped class today?
Over exhausted, assignments are crazy.

Currently doing my MHL report, why la I'm the group leader? Lol.
IMCOMM : Movie researhes? I have no idea, at all.
CSS : Another assignment given, omg.

Last but not least, thanks for everyone's concern!

I'm feeling much better already. Love ya'll much!!!!!

Heading out to AC soon, again -.-
Okay bye!

Nothing is gonna bring me down.
I'm still a rockstaaaar because I've awesome's around me!


Still speechless.....

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