Friday, June 05, 2009

Didn't expect this is how things would go,

I miss you calling me your "bronze fish friend".
26 days, till you leave Malaysia.

I will have fun when it's time to have fun,

I work hard when it comes to incomes,

I study hard when it comes to achievements,

But I always don't sleep when I'm suppose too!! :(


HAMTARO pinched me until I woke up! :(


Just a quick one before I leave the house.
Its 10pm now, guess where am I heading too?

Sunway Pyramid Theater?
Republic chilling with the girls?

HAHAHAA, I myself pun tak tau! -_____________-

Tomorrow 8am driving thingy! :(


I'm going
to Stand Out event organized by Nuff Nang

as Heng Jovi's guest this Saturday! (:

Why didn't I get the tickets myself?
Too lazy to do a post mahhh, lol. (No time lar actually, ahahhahah)

WHO's GOING???!!

See you bloggers there! (:

Remember what you said?

I promised.
I won't miss you,
too much.

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