Monday, May 11, 2009

LG blog launch + Poppy

I am your wicked devil.
So, don't even mess with me. (evil grins)


I'm very exhausted as you can see, the LG pictures are more than a lot.
(lol what am I talking -____-)

Anyway, I ain't like the other professional bloggers that captured nice & perfect pictures with their canggih camera & their good grammars, so yeah.

I'll just do it my way, heh.

LG launch their LG blog the day before yesterday.
We, the bloggers were invited to an event located at KL, Hup Seng tower.

I chose to be a devil instead of angel.
No other meaning, just prefer red more than white. :D

Thanks Howard for the ride, hehe.

The devil was accompanied by these guardian angels (:

We got stuck in the traffic jam -______-

So this is what your devil is doing in the car.

Camwhoring, lol.

Surprisingly, we are early!
We arrived by 7.40pm :) Its a good thing though.

The LG back drop.

Credits the dustyhawk (:

Credits to Howard.

The lost angel, finding her way to heaven, lol!

A groupie with Howard.

Its Mon Wei, Myself & Tzia if you don't know.

Ya lah, I'm the lame ass devil la.

Heh, Mon looks much angelic compared to Tzia. Hmphh!!

The registration counter.

Toilet it was since we were so bored standing outside doing nothing.

Angel & Devil?

Camwhore lo, what else? :p

We just love the mirror so much.

Tzia macam nak terbang sudah! :D

Headed back to the pub after hitting the loo.
The crowd started to be hot, I suppose?

The place & the people.

I get to recognize you, Jovi! :D
Give me your LG cookie!

Then the camwhore session begun.
Actually there is no start & ending for the camwhore sessions la.

Its a blogger event, so yeah.
How can we not camwhore?!


Red leggings devils, heh.

Jac in the house! :p

Bell bell bell :)

The emcee of the night.

I forgotten your name dude but you seriously can dance! :D

Chris, cute!


Here comes Jamie.

Cute cupcakes & sushi! (:

& then it was the LGblog launch!
(Look at the amount of cameras..)

The dude with wings but he is wearing RED?

Free flow for the night, wooohoo.

Balloons all over -.-

The celebrities judges for the competition.

Incase you don't know, the winner gets to win a LG 32" inch TV & LG cookie handphone!
I should have dressed up! :(

The angels (:

The devils, ooohh.

Devil VS Angel

The angels & the devils.
Its Robb followed by Tzia & Redmummy!
Look at her outfit! RED.

Then the camwhore session continued.
Cassidy in his red contacts.

Candice, college mate.

The archuleta look alike, says HIM. *laughs*

Needless to say, pretty jamie (:

Hot Malaysia Dream Girl, Cyndi Teh.

Wai Yip was there too!

Dustyhawk, Bell, Tzia & I.

Nigel & Jacklyn


I love his DSLR

Adele, Bell, Zues & Jacklyn.

Cassidy (:

Jacklyn, "POPULAR" :D :D
(inside joke)

Us with SerenaC.

Jia Seng & I.

I really like his nose, lol.

Adele Chow & Isabella Wong.

WOOOOOH, the LG event was fun & the best part is I get to know more people!
Left the place around 12, headed to Poppy with them girls.

Cute Jac! Bell is busy on the phone.

Boi Boi...

Myself, Boi & Jackyn.

Manda & Sarah was there too!

Here comes Nicole! :D

Picky babe was there too.

Forever bump into you one lor, Ming Yu!

Smexy Jeannie.

Love you, bell!

Aaron, heh.

Kent & Daryl.

Gone case already.

David's event.

I'm a stalker hahahahhaa because:

I took pictures like this :D

Amanda Siah, Sarah Lim & Adele Chow.

Bell love this picture I know, lol.

Bumped into AJ as well.

Yes, they are my friend.

Shake it off babe!

Don't kill me bell, lol.

I can't believe the night will turned out that fun, hehe.
Gotta go now, Jiashin is reaching my house soon.

Oh yeah, yesterday night was the blast!

Starhill with them (:
Extreamly fun!!

Study adele, study!

You said you want your Adele back.

But now,
why are you pushing me to him!?!

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