Saturday, May 09, 2009

I really felt something when Im talking to you,

I think you feel it too.
Because I see you stare just a little too long,
& it makes me start to wonder.

Some people wait a life time, for a moment like this.
Somethings so tender, I can't explain.

Maybe its just my imagination, lol.

So how do you prefer my curls & brown's? (:
Hey darlings! How are you feeling today?

I was editing pictures since 3pm.
Yesssshh the LG event yesterday night was fun but the best part was Poppy with the babes, Bell & Jac! :D

Just a preview:

Devilish Adele, Angelic Mon & Tzia.

Adele, Tzia, Jac, Bell & Jamie.

I like Zues's nose. (:

Poppy was fun because of them, heh ;p

Will complete it with details in my next post!
Meanwhile, lets see what yours truly had been doing for the past few days.

My dearest, and hottest chicks.

Do re mi?
Nah, Tzia & I were wearing wedges lah. ;p

I'm glad our friendship did not fade away, I really appreciate a friend like you.

Thanks to this "handsome dude" that drives me to AC everyday.
(Ehhh put my picture in your blog ahh!)

To meet my baby girl, hoe yen.

And my gossip girl, Carmen :)

How can I forget these "STRANGERS" :D

Jess Loh Ai Mei mei mei mei mei :D

Here are some pictures taken during class break, I have hilarious coursemates!
& I'm lovin' it!

1, Ramina
2, Nigel
3, Sheena
4, Willie

Zach & my Jeslyn (:

All my beloved lepak kaki's *laughs

Oh & we just got our assignment back on the day before yesterday.

Thanks Ms Karmini for the compliment!
I'm so happy but I know I could had get higher marks if only I follow the format! =X

That's all for now, I'm pissed thanks to my dad.
Heading to Starhill later, I suppose? *argh
(Touch My Hand by David Archuleta is blasting)

Where are you?
I'm so lost without you.

Align Right

Even I'm standing in the dark,
I know someone's watching over me.

You know how afraid am I to commit after my past relationship,
but still,
I'm here taking the dare.
telling you,

I love you.

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