Monday, May 11, 2009

Jangan lah act pandai, hahaha!

I like the way you talk to me,
I love the way you look at me.

You are one in a milion, you are more than unique.


Hello darlings!
Its a Monday & yeah, I've no class this whole week because its time to:

Because some people can't even have the chance to study!
& I won't wanna be lifeless mah, hor anna? :)

(Hahahaha. 4.5k last semester wth -_________-)

(Inside joke so bare with me, hehe)

So how was Mothers Day everyone? (:
Me being a good girl, stayed home the whole day spending time with my mummy.

Bought her a mini bouquet of flowerts & a pouch, she loves it!
My mum is the best mum ever.

Ask my friends about it.

I love you mummy!!! *hugs*

Oh, so the day before yesterday I went Starhill (:

Headed to a club/pub with my make-up like that,
like nothing only right, sobs.

DJ Alvin!
"Hey you! Go on with your Oh-So-Sweet-Life! Hahahaahhah!"

I was with Brad & Jiashin but this Nigel resisted to fetch me!
Cause he don't wanna drive alone ma, I know.

First picture of the night,
my sexy layydehh!

Jia Hui's.

Met up with the whole bunch of Subang peeps.
Woooh, they lighten up the whole night, read my lips. :D

Jie Yi sangat pretty already (:

How can I forget my darling lou po?

Melisa baby.

Darren & Ah Pin.

Haha, you tell lar.
How can the night be bored with them? :p

Jie Yi is a HOT dancer! :D

Jiashin & I.

Yours truly, Darren, Zheng Wei & Melisa.

I love this picture!

Chili & Jack.

Finish clubbing also still wanna lepak, adui.

Despite the dramas happened that night, I had fun :)
Slept over at Melisa's because my stuffs were with Jia Shin, sigh.

Her messy room, says melisa.

Reached home the next day, saw this right infront of my door step.

A question mark.

Is that a hint? Argh, I don't know la.

Stayed at home the whole day already, its 6.35pm now.
Going out to get my bag from Jia Shin & going to yumcha with Melisa & Tzia later, heh.


Wake up girl, look in the mirror.
Don't you think you are more than lifeless? ;)

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