Friday, May 08, 2009

I did't know our friendship is build on my previous relationship,

now that I know your true colours,
you know how sad & disappointed am I?
you don't know.

Your love makes me wonder, all the time


Haha, its okay la. I'm just being random, lame -_________________-

I've so much to type & this is gonna be a super long post, bare with it :)
Its 3.37pm now, I'm blogging with the lappie, heh.

Well, just came back from AC, tired sial. Wanted to sleep but yeah, I promise to update!!

Gonna get ready later because I'm going to the Nuff Nang LG event tonight at KL!
Going as devil, Tzia going as angel, lol.

I'm really very exhausted these days.
Assignments, documentaries.. etc etc. :(
Sorry, especially to YOU.


Are you ready?

Okay wait. Before I start, I wanna take this opportunity to thank these people that's kind enough to fetch me, hehe.

Wai Yip on the right, Jack at the left.

Haha, Nigel Loo.

My Mr. Durian! Max Lee Han Huang (:

Not forgetting my GuaiChaiKid, lol!

Last Friday, met up with the babes rmb? :)

Amira babe (:
Don't think so much yeah, heh.

Then it was Genting, with Jacky, Soon Teck & gang.

Childish enough, but fun at the same time!

I hope Soon Teck doesn't see this. Lol!

The people.

Its fun being up there once again with them.
The last time was....................
Hah, long way before. (:

Due to the boredom, look what had happened. Ish..

Saturday night,
A night that's suppose to be a chilling night but ended up KO. =/

Zheng Wei picked me up then,

Jia Hui tagged along!
(He just text me telling me he is coughing blood now, take care Jiaa!)

Went all the way to Shah Alam just for this woman.

"Don't take picture ahh Del!"
Heh, syg don't angry la. :p

Some GRA event about drifting.

Posers. Hah!

Chilling = no club, so we went to Zheng Wei's house.

Ini lagi poser.


Or red wine?

Yes, I was at the rooftop window.

Nice sky, without stars.
I hate stars. (Jk la haha!)

"Ehh this picture damn cuteeeeeee"

Adele is gone, so as the one behind her.

No one can tear us apart, hahahahah sounds so lesbian wth.

Zheng Wei potong la! Haha

Okay, this is much better (:

It was a bright Sunday and I woke up around 12?
Headed to Pyramid with Tzia lor.

I miss my PDA moments! Awww.


How's college this week? Hectic, there's the only one word I can choose to type. Ha!

Simple is nice, hor hor? :)

See my darling also so simple. Hahaha!

I told you I'm your new born LALA mui.
Come tYpe LiDIiS.. YoUr hAnD wiLl Be DaMn sTrEess

Jeslyn love me too much, I know. :D

Her man, BUT my type of guy. *laughs!
(Oi I mean the OUTFIT only k)

Went to this princess PINK's house at night.

To do assignment, konon-nya la.

End up camwhore, laughing non-stop got la!

Heh, no one pampers her like I do. (:

Melisa picked me up from Tzia's, Statiom One it was with the Subang Kia's.

Nice day with nice mood, but lack of sleep. :(

"Eh Adele come let's take picture!"


Both my best mates in this course :)

How can I forget Jade? (:

Brown hair & purples.
Awww, dear Yi-Vonne don't think so much anymore kay?
She's not worth it. (:

AJ picked me after class yesterday,
had lunch together but the chattings were the best.

Yours Truly with AJ's.

Just a simple reminder that Papaya never forget about Durian all these while!

You better treat your gf well, you know how much you love her!
Hehe ;p

Alright, that's all for now.
Better go get some rest before I knock down tonight, free flow weih! :)
Thanks Nuff Nang!

P/s: Next whole week NO CLASS! Yay! Study lar Adele Chow =X
P/s (ii): Next post = Outings with Tzia, Jia Shin; college life's.
P/s (iii): Clubbing tomorrow night, on?
P/s (iv): Sorry Kin, cause I can't make in to Poppy tonight :(

Now that I know who is the one pretending.

Haha, get a life dude!
You really pissed me off.
Think you really know me?

Don't try to guess who am I referring to, since you so pandai assume.
Yes I AM talking about you.

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