Thursday, May 07, 2009

Can't believe I dreamt about you the whole night.

Combo sets of Adele! :D


Morning everyone!
Its 9.27am right now, you should know where am I already. Lol?

Yesterday, I updated half of all the pictures to blogger already & guess what, I fall asleep.
I only woke up this morning.


From yesterday 4something afternoon until this morning 8am?!!!!
Gosh, you should know how tired am I due to the assignments I rushed the day before.

My next post is gonna be a COMBO post, there are 40 over pictures I guess?
Hahahahha, stay tuned alright! (:

P/s: There is replacement class tomorrow =/
P/s (ii): But next whole week no class!! :D
P/s (iii): But the following week MID TERM EXAM, -____________________-


I love my readers,
Thanks yeah people.

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