Monday, April 20, 2009

You better becareful.

(EDIT: 10.10pm)

Hello peeps! :) :) :)

I just don't know how to put these feelings in words but I know at this moment I'm definately happier!

Haha, my friends would know. Lol!

Oh ya!

Spot my "love bite"?

Cannot see, mehhhhh. :D



Let you see a clover view lah! -.-


Yeah right, " LOVE BITE " -____________-

Its bruises lah for God sake.
Damn pain lor I tell you, Sigh! :(

Saw the difference between my left ear & the right one?

Super duper extremely pain lor I tell you!
I can't snap the bruises under my hair only, ishhh.


Seriously, its fucking PAINFUL.

Don't even try to ask me how I get those, I don't even know.

Perhaps I was having a super bad nightmare until I hit & punch myself. (wth)
Yea/maybe? That was my worst moment, I guess? (lol)

At times, I was too blind to realize.

But now,
I'm awake already, I really really woke up from my fantasy liao!! :D

On the other hand,
I wanna take this opportunity to apologize to all my friends that actually cared about me! :(

I'M BACK!!! *laughs!!!

Don't believe me?
You'll see. :)

This little tiny blue thingy will miss his other half tiny blue,
because I guess they wont have the chance to meet each other again.


Eyh but hor, I really wanna thank you for dumping me tho,
at least, I really woke up! :)

(That's Jeffrey, my boyf or you should say MY EX, if you can't recognize.)

P/s: He's back to his ex after 10hours he broke up with me, you tell.

Which Adele you prefer btw? :)

Because my friends are rock stars! :)
(I bet you don't even have ONE, lol)

I still love David Archuleta a lot, a lot okay!!! :D :D



Currently suffering in a major headace.
Fucking pain, fucking uncomfortable.


Oh not forgetting I'm located at B1 floor 3A right now,
with the BCS lecturer right infront of me.


"I'm single, ready to mingle."

Quote by: XXX :)

P/s: I'll show you my "love bite" right in the next EDIT/ next post. Ha!

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