Sunday, April 19, 2009

No one deserved to be treated THAT way.

(EDIT: 10.08pm)

She's been with someone that actually pretended to love her,
and he thinks that she's so dumb because she truly loved him,
not forgetting he actually flirt with other girls when he was with her(His best friend told her).

Furthermore, he even told them he wanted to break up with her since ever.

Joke, not?

Someone that claims you are just another victim of his.
Someone that shout out loud telling you, he doesn't love you.
Someone that's yelling over you again & again with the phrase, why are you so dumb?!

Hah, this is what she get when she tried her best to be his best.


"You walk your path, I walk mine."
- He said that.

We should really camwhore more.
Ahah! Hands up if you agree with me, lol.


I don't think this is working, my hands are hurting.
I'm letting this go because I've tried everyway I can.
Everything shows our times are gone.

But it's harder to hold on ;
No I can't do this alone, hold on' hold on.
hold on to my hands, please hold on to my hands...

Yes, don't look at me.
Look at my bottle! (Am trying to show you the ARCHULETA SIGN la!)


Haha, seems like there's a few pictures above even before I started typing!
Fyi, its David's lyrics. Go check it out! :)

Sorry for neglacting my blog yesterday, am currently suffering from major headaced. The feeling is like, once you yawn or something you'll feel the back part of your head is aching. Gosh, what's happening to me?

SAKIT LAH, BETUL PENING LA! (Inside joke, lol)

Btw, (today's Sunday right, yeah yeah) We went to Taylor's PJ Orientation night on Friday.

Nicole, Jeslyn, Stephanie & I dolled up at Nic's place around 6pm before the thing started. Manda tagged along too :)

It was the four of us at first,

but both of us lebih bersemangat, lol.

Spot our lashes, say: WAO.
Lame, I know -____-

a>Then it was at Taylors' thingy.

Steph, Myself, Manda, Jeslyn & Yivonne.


Hmm, guess where?
Steph love this picture tho. Haha!
Quote: "Camera shy lah!"



It was a really fun night, we all enjoyed to the max, I guess? :)
I wasn't really tipsy but thanks to Nic la, 5 second 5 second. DIE ALREADY LOR. Haha!

I was really happy, its been a while since I had soooo much fun.
But why, must this happen on the next day? :(

Its an astray if you don't know. :p


Little snake, little monkey? :)

NicoleOng, AdeleArchuleta, StephanieJuliaNathan, AnnaSiew.

Before I remove my hairband,

After I removed it.
Adele & Anna.

"7 lan 8 hai pening hai mai" :D

Hah, it was really a happy night!
Shall do this more often, Oops? O.O

Back to college tomorrow! Ahhh, tiring. Tiring..
Assignments are pilling up too, goshhh.

P/s: " You are just my anoter victim la! Why are you so dumb?! "


What about a combination of 8 bruises and a broken heart?

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