Thursday, April 02, 2009

See you later when I get home,

but I'm already missing you right now.

Hectic, hectic.

" Its easy, if you put in all your heart. "

Is anyone selling this book?
I need it. Thank you!

I'm looking for second hand textbooks.
Do tag me if you are interested to sell out your books.

I'm doing Diploma in Communication :)

Sigh, college life is really not easy.
1st day of class, assignments are already given out to us.

I look through the text book.
Sadly, I really don't understand much about it.
Have to read it more than twice.

On the other hand, I need more new outfits!!!!

I want a black one, heh :p

Yi-vonne & I :)

They are not posing.
Total candid, Lol!

My classmates are a little too hyper...
Yeah, Cupcake? Haha!!

Oh yeah, I'm so glad that my classes are only from Mon-Thurs!

So apparently I've 3 days off per week! :D

Movie outings?

Or Mahjong?!! :) :)

Class starts at 1pm later, guess Im going to hit the mall before entering class to get my gladiator flats! *smiles*

I'll edit this again if I've got the time today!

Loves ya'll.

Aren't you looking at him?

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