Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My last breath, pretty woman.

(EDIT: 12.59pm)

Hello people! Yeah I'm currently at the library with the partner, Jeslyn :)
Doing what?

Lol, we were trying to log on to our blackboard 7 kinda thing to grab our notes but sadly we both are too dumb, ahahha. So yeah..


I left the house at 9.20am, reached coll around 10.20am. Gosh!
I hate the traffic, like seriously :S

Well, next class in starting in an hour time.
Guess we both are just gonna stone here for one more hour.

P/s: So far, nobody fooled me yet. Lol.

Its April fool day today!
So people, beware! Don't get fooled by anyone :)

Its 9.01am now, after two days of orientation, class starts today at 10am.
Better stop typing or else I'll be late =/

Most established Communication school.
Hope so.

With my all-time-partner & Im so gonna spend my 2 years with her,

Jeslyn :)
Hmm, no nick name for you yet. Lol.

& my orientation kaki,

Miss Yivonne aka my room mate :D
Dont stress anymore kay?

A quick one before I leave the com, I need more new cloths!
I don't know what to wear to class everyday. Haha!

Something to entertain you guys:

Nicole Ong's English workbook.
I bet she don't know I snapped this down!

Surprise for you! :D

I really gotta go already.
Will update soon again later :)

You are such a gold digger.

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