Friday, April 03, 2009

我原諒不了你 ;

(EDIT: 11.07am)

Haha, bored enough.
So I edited the right side of my blog a little :)

Shopping at One U later on! Yay!!!

Can't believe I am gonna miss it! :(
Sigh, speechless.

Tzia, you better update more about that night!

Before I start,

Redang Trip / my lovely n95 8gb??!

I can't decide lahh! What do you think?

FYI, I only have the enough amount for one of it.
Sigh, what to do?
You think I rich mehh? My own working income lehhhhhh!


Happy Friday's people! :)
Its 7.36am right now & I'm not asleep yet.

Hit the theatre around 1am just now for this,

Shinjuku Incident

A very gangster-ish movie, touching enough!
Jackie Chan was the bomb.

Poker session after that.

I realize lately I've lost the ability to express myself.
I weren't this way before this.

I voiced out my thoughts,
I share my opinions with the others.

Nowadays, I just,

I just don't know why, I would love to remain silent instead of commenting.
I'm tired already.

I need a long break.
I wanna rest.

I don't wanna look anymore.
I don't even wanna care about it anymore.

Seriously, whatever lahh.

You, disappoint me.
I, give up.
Everything, was meant to be.


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