Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pathetic, bunch of kids.

(EDIT: 10.57pm)


You always, makes me wonder.
(Tzia don't like this pic, why lar Tzia!!?)

Don't let go,

Can someone please help me?

I'm suffering in missing-david archuleta-too-much-until-I-can't-concentrate-in-anything-else disease.


(Repeating the video he was interviewed by, Red fm, etc.)

One of the best is this:

David misses M'sia & he can't wait to come back! Awww :)


On the other hand, you see this:


(Do you realize the highest hits was the days I post about David Archuleta. Lol!)

You tell :)
Lol, click to enlarge!

(I think I shall post more bout David then, hahaha. Jk lar!)

Okay, its time for clubbing pictures!

I'm actually kinda excited because its been a while since I've hit the club especially with tons of familiar faces.

Lets starts from,

Macd centerpoint :)

Promdate & yilai!

One tough girl she is.

In the club,

Jiashin, Myself & Nicole.

Jia Shin, Yuan Ming, Myself, Jia Hui & Nicole.

The toilet sessions,

2. Heeeee :p

Me with the Powerpuff girls. :)

I got a little tipsy..

& this is scary....

How can I forget my baby?


My Mr. Bunny(?!) wth, lol!

The next day, I hit the club again rmb?
Haha, it was Coco Banana.

Steph was damn cute. :D
(Lol pakat, pakat!)

StephanieJuliaNathan, SarahLim, AdeleChow, LydiaOng, Eunice, NicoleOng.


That time say never go club never go club, now one shot go two days!?
Not good, tsk tsk.

This Thurs Coco Banana again, April's big day.

I don't need alco, I need Archuleta! (lol!)

Oops, this is for Nicole Ong Qi Sha! :)

P/s: The boyf is jealous because I go Ga-ga towards David Archuleta. *Laughs!

Things get better,
I love you muchiieeeeee.


Will update about Nicole's birthday bash at Quattro in my next post.
Meanwhile, entertain you guys with one picture first!

I personally love this candid of mine because I look so ADELE-ISH here.

P/s: I need more cloths, seriously.

You disgusted me.

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