Sunday, April 12, 2009

David Archuleta, mine.

(EDIT: 12.26am)

I went Coco yesterday night okay that's not the point.

The point is,
I woke up so early today because I've been thinking about David Archuleta the whole night.

I'm having goosebump everytime when I listen to his songs.

Sorry my dear readers, I need to blog about him, AGAIN!

" I'm just a little too not ever YOU "

David says he'll definately come to M'sia again but I'm already craving for him, eventhough I just saw him yesterday :(

I reached Sunway Amphitheatre at 11am & yet I was running to the line.


We are already TWO GATES away! :(

Got ourself a nice view & settled down.
We were all so sweaty :(

Spot it?

Lol, closer view. :)

David arrived at 3.45pm.
I was so pissed & frustrated due to all those astro talent's, one in a million's performance. =X

But once I see him, I just can't stop smilling.

He sang: A little too not over you.

He is so hyper! CUTEEEEEE!!!!

Look at the sweats around his face. Awww!

We have a crush on David! :)

Touch my hand, please? Gosh, his smile....

I don't know what to write already.
More than words, seriously.


Itouch says: Wo Ai Ni, Ni Ai Wo Ma?

Like being in love there must be a corresponding painful side.
Like losing in love, it's just a fact of life.




Will go into details once I get all the pictures :)

Meanwhile, see this!

He can't stop laughing! :D

*melts again*
*melts until habis already*

Everyone say, " AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW~ "


Back to topic,
remember these numbers?

What does it mean?
Some guess it right! :)
" "

Now, Use T9 dictionary, then type these numbers in your msg.
You'll know what does it mean.

(only for Sony Ericson's)

FYI, I went to a Nose garage sale located right opposite Monash Uni.
Everyone have been asking where is it located after reading Jia Shin's.

That crazy woman bought 11 heels at a day, but different timing la! Lol.

Yes, we just sat down at one corner & do our thing! Laughs*

I only bought two pairs :)
Rm 28 only. CHEAP CHEAP!! Haha!

Had a photoshoot with SK photog along with Tzia the next day.
Great experience! :)

Then it was Nicole's birthday bash at Quattro.
Despite all the dramas, it was a great night.

Nic, cheer up kay?
Think positively, like what I've told you.

Not forgetting, Happy Birthday!!!!

Back to college on Monday, boringggg.
Yet, exciting!

There' only one " reason " a man dumps you; he does't wants you.

If I asked him,
would he even know the color of my eyes?

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