Monday, March 23, 2009

Kiss me through the phone ;

Told ya I'm a happy girl :)
Love me for who I am, because I aint that girl anymore.


Spot my title of this post?


So what are you waiting for?

Call me now & gimme a kiss through the phone!
Heh, to all my friends that has my number only lor of cause :)

Eh in my cbox also can lar!
(for those who does't have my phone number)
(fucking perasan lar you, adele!)

(Lets see how many people will gimme kisses through the phone.. Lol)

Love of my life (wth)

Oh ya, this is a really good show.
Highly recommended by me!

That Loo Jia Shin get this phone already!
Damn lucky lor.

Awww, I want lar..
Baby promised me he'll get me this phone within 2 weeks time. Everybody say "YAY"!
Counting down, 12 more days!!

I'm paying half of it myself :)

Picture taken on that day when we went Breakers, Hartamas.

Ending this post with my ♥
4 more days till our 5th months anniversary, baby :)

Okay la I tak mau cakap banyak already, college!!!
Next week ahhh!!!!

K bye.

I'm your Miss Independent.

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