Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mama says," Don't Tell Lies!"

Remember this bouquet of flowers J bought for me last valentines?


Before I continue with the reason why I chose { Mama says," Don't Tell Lies!" } as my post title, what about knowing how many kisses did I get from my friends from the last post title? :)

Heh, I've got 4 kisses & a big hug instead!
Not bad ma, at least still got people layan me. Lol!

I've seen & been through a lot throughout the past few months.
No doubt, I've became a stronger person.


*go la imagine adele wearing this & showing you her muscle. Then she's gonna attack you when you are concentrating yourself looking at the muscles! wahahahah*


Btw, did I mention I passed my undang test already?
Thank God because you should see my face on that day itself.

I was super exhausted because I've not been sleeping for the whole night & then the undang guy picked me up at 6am. SIGH!

Praise The Lord, seriously.

(I was blogging half way then suddenly there is this girl named JCMT nudge me!)
(Skip the part la k)


*jump down the building due to the happiness & excitements

Thanks so much, JCMT! :)

My soon-to-be-phone! Yay!!!!
(Btw that's Jia Shin's phone with my picture as her wallpaper)

(My phone wallpaper also her face lor -.-)

Remember that night that I never sleep & then I went to take my undang test straight away?
You know why?



Poker lor. See the buy in's weih.

Finger: ONE

I'll still be here no matter what happens.

Deric's girl, named: Cherry :)
A very kawaiii girl. Heeehe*

OH YA, Mama says," Don't Tell Lies!"

Means what?

Don't tell lies lor. But is there anyone that hasn't tell any lies before?
I believe not.

Why do people tell lies?

To cover their mistakes?
To impress the others?

Or what?

Dorothy Sander:
Telling the truth, particularly in difficult situations, is a huge challenge for many people.

People tell lies because they don't want to face the fears of rejection.

Elizabeth Rogers:
People tell lies when something is more important to them than the integrity of their character.

Ann E. Smith:
People tell lies not only to other people but also to themselves.


Well, I still don't understand.

We all know lying is no good. But why?
We still do tell lies at times.


Oh & this is how the flower looks like now.

Things can be real pretty at first,
but at last?

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