Monday, February 23, 2009


Back to those days...
Myself, Jia Shin, Yuan Ming & Shermaine.

I miss the old times where all of us used to yumcha every single day.

But the fact is,
we've all grown up.

Different path we're going through,
but our friendship remains forever.

It was Sam & Ym's birthday party yesterday at Decanters, Hartamas.

Deric, Moi, J & Bryan.

Jason & I.
Bryan kacau sial.

Flaming for the birthday boys! :D

My sayang,

& my Jiashin. Lol

1. Hehehe.
2. Crazy-ness!
3. Ouch-OOOH.

She's my condom yang *

A typical mirror shot before we left the toilet :D

Love you J.

Okay its time to blog bout Deric.

1. He's a playboy.
2. No lar he is not a play boy.
3. He is nice, sometimes la.
4. Oh & he is dating his Princess M! (:
5. Last thing, he is my MARIA MAID!

Keep going,
keep keep keep going!

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